Pefect Timing SGT Gear Heads To Mongolia

How fast things can happen and the timing of things can make a person scratch that head, allow me to provide an example in the form of a text this last Saturday with a long time friend and mentor figure in my life.


My friend of over twenty 5 years is heading to Mongolia for the second time he and others have found a way to have so much fun and make a difference it is not even funny, please watch this short thirteen minute video which explains the mission and what they are achieving as its nothing short of greatness. The timing of the text and most mind-boggling the timing of getting SAR Global Tool back in action is crazy anyways, please watch this video.

Rally For Rangers

So, of course, I jumped at this opportunity to build a blade and decided to do a work in progress to document one of the coolest builds I have ever done in the thirteen years I have been a knifemaker. So I had a  blank already cut that I found while cleaning the shop with not a second thought I got busy as the suspense time is extremely quick. The knife is, of course, a order and will be paid for but I wanted to take it a step further and give where I can, SGT will donate 30-40 SAR Eclipse Signal Systems for the Rangers and some Micro Eclipse signal pendants for the women and kids. Of note with knowledge of Lance's first trip to Mongolia when I came across this book I just had to read it, now things seem to come full circle, and of course, I am reading it again.

So here is the beginning of a SAR blade bound for one great adventure and fitting to the SAR Global Tool company slogan its all a perfect fit.

                                            "A New Breed Of Tools Built For Adventure"

As I said I  had a blank in CPM 154 ready to go so it got marked for drilling, grinding, and heat treat.

 This drill press is my best for all critical operations was just cleaned and set up yesterday.

This is the first time using my new enclosed 8'x12' grinding room, with an industrial fan that is vented directly outside not only is dust prevented from contaminating the rest of the shop, it keeps the harmful dust that I breathe down to a minimum and that's a great thing. This would be a feature I would highly recommend to any knife maker getting started.

Once everything is drilled, filed and milled it gets wrapped in stainless steel tool wrap. It protects it from the rigors of heat treat, for CPM 154 it will ramp up to 1950 degrees and soak for 20 minutes before being removed and air quenched between two thick plates of aluminum which act as a heat sink and helps keep the blade for warping.

This was the finish point for yesterday and today it goes back in the oven for two temper cycles and tonight I will continue the journey, so please come back as I start the process of grinding the main bevels, handle fitting and shaping.

I will just say after a 2.5-year hiatus I could not ask for a more exciting, meaningful way to jump back in with both feet I am in love again with this thing called knife making.


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