SAR Card for tough times...0% interest

I have had one of these in my wallet for the last year, it's great for all those times you walk out of the house and forget your blade but you always have your wallet right?...rare but it does happen. Great for opening boxes especially in a environment that frowns on knives like most work places. I use mine as a paint stencil to mark my gear, truck, roadsigns, my cat and police cars....LOL just kidding.

.040 6LA4V MIL-SPEC titanium
Right hand chisel grind on the front side bottom corner.
71 HRc (hardness rockwell scale C) tungsten carbidized re-enforced edge.
Lanyard hole cut-out.
Stonewash or Heat colored finish

Folks have asked me about the Ti/Carbide edge, the more you use it for letters, box's etc the softer titanium wears away and exposes the hard carbide. So it will get sharper with use, you can touch up on a flat diamond stone. To strop simply run it accross some hard wood to remove any burrs.

These will be $50.00 paypal and shipping included, drop me a email to sarglobaltool@gmail.com


Tags and Tatts

                                                                    112 pounds of tags...WTF!

I just received 3/4 of my full order of 15,000 dog tags, that translate into 5,000 SAR Eclipse signal systems. I patiently waiting for a few sets of modified dies that a friend has been working on this last month, this will speed the process up considerably. I have spent some time working on a press with a dual head cutters that cuts the stickers inside and outside diameter in one shot, which is light years ahead of my current method. All this will groundwork has been done to set the condition to crank these tags out fast. I will be pushing to finish the first 5,000 by November 1st, and ready for the next round.

I have came in contact David Reeder who has leaned forward in the foxhole and committed to helping me develop a small field manual for the "SESS". I could have done it myself but David is a writer for several Tactical blogs and H2 Harris publication and will be able to add a professional touch that I will certainly lack...thanks for the offer and the help David. This has proven to be a missing link in the quest to getting the tag recognized for what it is and what it can do.

For the last year this project has really been a ride so far I have learned so much from the development, testing, patent/trademark, methods of manufacturing, and marketing that I feel it has become a pivotable point in my knife and toolmaking career. It's been a lot of work, sacrifice, networking etc but if this device is credited with saving just one life it will all be extremely well worth it.

Last thing, I had a free Tattoo due from a buddy/artist at "Year of the Monkey" tattoo, I new what I wanted just had to think about it for some time and make sure it was the right thing. I have a large Compass tattooed on the left side of my chest, the compass has been in my family for as long as I can remember and it hold some special meaning to me. The Eclipse has that same effect for the reasons I listed above so it seemed a natural fit on the right side...That's one way to stand behind your work!



It never slows down around here

Seriously, why does it always feel like I am "Mach 5 with my hair on fire" maybe I have the "winchester mystery house illness" you know how his wife always built something daily or she thought she would die.

Lots of moving parts lately, but I have to stop turn off the electronics and get busy. Loaded the folder tray with a batch of 1911 TDT and prototyping a new utility blade called the "PBK" but you can't see that shit yet..lol

I have been waiting on 15,000 dog tags to get here yep that's no typo 15K, probably get some kind of heavy metal poising after playing with that much steel.

The main reason to get things rolling in the shop is the spiders are taking over...found a few fat black widows a dead mouse who died from snorting carbon fiber or playing with the anodizer...lol

Talk at you guys later


A Match Made In Vegas

After roughly 4.5 years in the trade as a custom knife/tool maker I finally have a dealer not just any dealer a great dealer "Plaza Cutlery" is like a "institution" in the knife world. Dan's father started it all back in 1948, and in 1974 his mother established the brick and mortar store that they still operate from to this day. In my book it does not get any better than that. I have a few reasons for wanting a dealer like Dan, the knife market is very, very demanding and can be quite unforgiving for the maker that does not know where he fits in the grand scheme of things. So I think I am getting the better end of the deal because of the education on the knife market I will receive from Plaza and Dan is priceless.

Dan purchased over 20 items from my table during the USN Gathering or a little of everything I make to ensure that he represented SAR Global tool as a whole. I received several calls from people some I knew and some I did not when my knives and gear where placed on the Plaza Cutlery site....let me tell you how motivational that is to not only hear it from others but to see it first hand tells me I am moving forward and up in the market.

So hey please check out Dans site and purchase with complete confidence as I consider Dan and his staff to be experts in their chosen profession and customer service is "Top Notch".

Plaza Cutlery look for the SAR button on the left of the page or check out all the other great stuff Plaza Has.



The Private Range

Having access to a private range on private property makes all the difference in my book. I got tired of going to the local range paying money and being subjected to the standard range bullshit...please no offense to anyone but I came to shoot not bullshit about my rifle or your rifle or the loads or the weather just want to concentrate on improving my capabilities.

The other thing is organized ranges are often static and I understand why they have to be that way...people do get shot from time to time and that's bad. We are still running a safe range but with only ourselves to worry about it translates into a learning experience vs just training in accuracy?

I have been going out for the last 2-3 months and getting some solid time behind my 2 weapon systems, things are really starting to click again. I recently acquired a ACOG RCO, not that anything was wrong with my Aimpoint comp M2 just wanted to zero and see what the ACOG had to offer. I found that I like it just a tad more than the comp, I also tried out the new ACOG reflex sight and found the thing was really nice.

Today my buddy called targets and shot pictures which I was able to review later to help identify some things I felt I was doing wrong and now that I could see it helps me in the long run fix those problems.

Anyways here are a few shots from today's range time, if you have any range shots feel free to post them up as well, I am always interested to see who, what , when, where and why when it comes to shooting.

Still have some edged tool and survival gear for sale in the next thread down so check it out and talk at you later


SAR Global Knives and Gear sale 20SEP2010

I built more stuff than I ever expected to sell at Las Vegas, that's a good thing in my book. I will be involved in some training here near the house and up in Virginia next month, so product in stock and on hand during my travels is a great bonus. I will update and edit this thread to reflect whats really on hand daily, so what you see is what you get.

All prices include Pay pal fees, shipping and handling in the continental US.

For international buyers I add $5.00 and have been shipping first class overseas with no troubles, it takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks. If you would like something faster like International priority or express* ( *includes tracking number) I will have to add the service to your invoice which normally is $20.00 to $40.00.

How to order? just shoot me a email with your purchase information what you would like to buy and I will send you a detailed "quick-books" invoice. If you know your last 4 of your zip code it will help ship your purchase much faster so include it as well.

I have a little bit of everything I make in this ongoing sale.

SAR 1095 S/E (survive/escape) utility knife. SOLD

Knife Specs:
1095 with hamon .120x 5" drop point w/false edge 10" OAL
Desert Ironwood handle with red liners
Hand Rubbed finish 600 grit on bevel, flats where bead-blasted and stonewashed.

Sheath specs:
Felt lined kydex drop leg rig
1" MIL-SPEC nylon webbing, "Stealth" buckles, fasteners for rigging
SAR "Firewalker" device.
Fire steel handle is desert ironwood
pace keeper is kangaroo leather on a rawhide lace
Classic pocket compass by "Marbles" cutlery
Firewalker held in place by a SAR "O'rigging (rubber O rings)
Total weight for entire set-up is 10.1 oz's

CPMD2 S/E (survive/escape) $400.00
Knife specs:
CPM D2 .125x10" overall length with a 4" hollow ground blade w/false edge
Black textured carbon fiber
SAR no hassle stonewash finish

Sheath specs:
Black kydex sheath
1" MIL-SPEC nylon webbing, "Stealth" buckles, fasteners for rigging
SAR "Firewalker" device.
Fire steel handle is desert ironwood
pace keeper is nylon 550 type cord
SAR Micro Elite eclipse signal device in black G-10
Firewalker held in place by a SAR "O'rigging (rubber O rings)

Various SARclops small utility knife $200
CPMD2 HRc 61

1 1/8" ring with thin black para-cord wrap.
Black kydex sheath can be set up for Tec lock, MALICE clip and neck carry.
Great for inconspicuous carry.
Very secure in the hand.
Can be used in conjunction with a sidearm.
Here is a review back in 2007 by "Military Morons"

Also a youtube review by Mark Davies at "Tactical Edge"
Youtube SARclops

Black tanto sold

SLUG-D kirdashi knife in 6LA4V Titainum with carbidized re enforced edge HRc 71 $225.00
2 in Black texture carbon fiber
1 in Ranger green G10   SOLD

SAR Ti-combs large $100.00 small with lanyard $50.00
A great youtube review by Mark Davies from Tactical Edge
Youtube Comb

All the device's below have one purpose to make you be seen. Very simple "back to basics" stuff, no batteries required type gear built to withstand the harshest environments and conditions. Remember you cannot plan for disaster only prepare for it. Regardless if you are the high speed operator, SWAT, LEO, boy scout, fly-fishing, kayaking, diving etc a good signal mirror could be worth its weight in gold should you find yourself in a bad spot?

Current user's of SAR Eclipse signal system
Redmond Oregon Smoke-jumpers
Global security contractors
Military Personnel of all MOS types
Grand Canyon park service
Law enforcement
Cub, Boy and Eagle scouts
Tactical Tracking school
The list goes on and on close to 700 satisfied customers to date.

SAR Dog Tag Eclipse signal device Pat. pending $20.00 each. More in stock than whats pictured just inquire or tell me what you want or need. Day signal has been tested to 10 miles/Night reflective marker 250 meters

SAR Micro Eclipse Elite signal pendant $80.00
6LA4V MIL-SPEC Titanium
316 Stainless Steel Domed Or Flat washer
SOLAS reflector on back
Stainless steel bead chain and split ring finding included

Close up of above domed washer
Flat washer Tri-color

                                                                         Close up

Oringinal Stainless steel Micro w/knurled edges $40.00
Stainless steel bead chain and split ring

Different angle

G10 Micro Elites Domed and Flat washer $30.00
Stainless steel bead chain and split ring

Moon Glow sold out



The USN Gathering in Las Vegas

I apologize for not updating the blog things got a bit busy before attending the 2010 "USN Gathering" in Las Vegas over the labor day weekend.

Having missed the Blade show in Atlanta due to a shop remodel and hand surgery I was really pumped up to have a good time and attempt to put some nice work on the table. I got started around the first week in July, working roughly everyday in the shop from sun up to sun down and it did pay off.

Micro Eclipses Pat. pending

Micro Elite Eclipses

I took a bunch of combs hands down they where my biggest selling item. They are being considered for production.

This knife was the first to go to a collector of SAR tools, 10:00 show opened 10:01 this knife was sold wish I would have built more.

With over 500 items built for the show...my table looked full up to the end. Folks really dug the set-up as well. It took on a Indiana Jones look.

After the show we took a day out to show the kids the Grand Canyon and had a great time.

Having had time to regroup I am ready to get back into the shop, I have some important dates coming up. SAR G.T. will be attending a few days of "Tactical Tracking school" with John Hurth of TYR' Group in the Kisatchie National forest. John was up for the weekend so we could meet and talk life, business etc, so the best way to do that was go shooting at a good buddies private range. That evening we had a small party with good friends, good food/drink and just a good time. Here is a link to Johns site, I am pretty excited to be going for a few days with plans of attending the full course. TYR Group Tracking school there will be more to follow on this subject for sure. Another friend has asked me to attend Tom Browns tracking school as well this winter?

Next up I am heading to Virginia to attend Matt Grahams combat shooting course, It will be fun for sure as my Patent/Trademark attorney will be present as well been looking forward to meeting these guys face to face. Here is a link to  Matt's site and a short vid that Mil spec monkey did. Web site  Graham Combat and the "Monkeys Vid" Shoot.

I have to get going and have some more stuff to talk about, like the awesome dealer I picked up at the show...a real classy act so please stay tuned and stay safe.

Last picture is my good friend Marianne Halpern from Halpern Titanium she keeps Spencer supplied with all the good stuff he needs to build the good stuff I build. Here is there webpage if you are intrested in any knifemaking supplies or getting some stuff waterjetted rock solid folks Halpern Ti