SGT Survive-Escape Prepared For Global Work

This is the completed knife for a long time friend, mentor, and adventure Lance Machovsky, the model, is a long time SAR model called the "Survive-Escape" a utility blade built to handle anything in its path. The knife was commisioned by Lance as a gift to his Mongolian counterpart he will be meeting in a few weeks, Lance is a contributor, participating in a program called Rally For Rangers, follow this link for a short well made video about what it is they do to help the Park Rangers across Mongolia Rally For Rangers . SGT is proud to become a sponsor of this cause and organization, SAR Global Tool has donated thirty-five SAR Eclipse Signal Systems-Clip (SESS-C) and eight SAR Micro Eclipse signal devices a retail value of  $645.00 and I have pledged to send enough to outfit all the National Park Rangers of Mongolia with one each by next year.

What a rewarding experience to say the least, and this is the first knife of 2018 and the first knife I have built in over 2.5 years.

S.A. Reiter

S/E Specs:
5" handle 4" hollow ground blade.
Precision Ground CPM 154 with a Hardness Rockwell "C" Scale 58-59.
Westinghouse Cross Cut Brown Canvas Micarta handles
Sheath, Black over International Signal Orange with 9/16" Safety Of Life At Sea reflective insert.
Tec-lok belt/pack attachment.

SAR Eclipse Signal System (Patented)
" Is a back to basics, No Batteries Required" piece or survival equipment built to withstand the harshest conditions. The SESS has been tested and observed out to 21 miles during daylight conditions and out to 250 meters during periods of limited visibilty or darkness using a standard flashlight and three miles during a helicopter extraction of U.S. Border Patrol agents during a helicopter extraction. You cannot plan for a disaster, only prepare for one. Regardless if you are st the tip of the spear, SWAT, LEO, EMS, Boy Scout, Fly-Fishing, Kayaking, Diving etc. A  signal mirror could be worth its weight in gold should you find yourself in a bad spot? Current users of the SESS include;

Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Personnel and Government Agency such as the FBI.
Global Private Military and Security Contractors.
TYR Group Tactical Tracker Course Instructors.
Redmond Oregon Smoke-Jumpers.
Grand Canyon Park Service.
Private Licenced Fixed and Rotary Wing Pilots.
Cub, Boy, and Eagle Scouts.
Outdoor Entusiasts.

Purchase the SESS here SGT Gear for avilibity of the Survive-Escape email me at sarglobaltool@gmail.com

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