Pack And Boat Knife going to "Pack and Paddle" Lafeyette

I finished these up yesterday to take down to Pack & Paddle outdoor shop Web page  in Lafayette tomorrow. We will be dropping these off and grabbing our second Native Ultimate 14.5. I put one on my PFD so I can use it this season and see what it can take.

Pack and Boat knife (PBK)

.125"x7.5" OAL with a 3.5" blade
HRc 59-60 on the cpm 154
Low viz, low maintenance SAR tumble finish
Handle is drilled out balance point is dead center
Handle wrap is 2 part first layer is approximately 3" .038"
"Kevlar Thread— Has a breaking strength five times greater than steel wire. It also has excellent heat and flame resistance. Meets MIL-T-87128. Maximum temperature is 400° F. Color is yellow"
Over wrap is approximately 3' of 5/32" of "MSR" reflective guy line cord. Stuff is really bright when you shine light on it even from a great distance.
Butt end has a small pry/flat screwdriver

Great Morning on Vernon Lake

Same thing as last time put the kids on the bus, then we played hooky at Lake Vernon. Lake Vernon is a stump infested lake but the water is clean and it holds some really nice fish. Wind was already blowing a bit so we sought out some protected coves. First fish of the morning came up for a rubber frog, and Corbe caught the biggest fish on a super fluke about 2-3 pounds. We caught 5 fish and released them all, ducks where flying, blue herons and white cranes awesome day.

Coming back it was really windy with a 1 foot chop boat cut through the water nicely...we love this boat.


Maiden Voyage of the "Sand Raider"

Corbe and I took out the boat to the river that feeds Bundick lake which is about 20 minutes from the house. Fishing was extremely slow, but the cool wildlife all around was a bonus.

The boat is really nice, easy to load, maneuver, extremely stable and not too difficult to fish from.

Best part was Corbe and I getting to hang out together, this is or has always been our favorite thing to do. If anyone has any questions on the boat just ask and I will do my best to answer or get the answer for you.



Kayaks for a family of 4

We decided to spend the family vacation fund that we put money into monthly on some boats instead of going to disneyland.

So this is the beginning of some good times, today I took the kids and we drove a few hours to a really nice high end outdoor shop called Pack and Paddle. I have spoke on and off with a guy from the shop and USN member named Skip well to say the least I got squared away.

I purchased 2 Native Ultimate 14.5 tandem high bred kayaks, did a good amount of research on boats. Everything I read on this boat was all good the biggest draw-back is the weight which is not really that bad with both seats in it weighs 78 pounds. This boat can carry 450+ pounds of gear and its extremely stable many fish in the standing position in calm water with no problems.

I brought one home today and pick the other up on Friday, I will be building a nice rack for the toyota so we can haul them both. I have some work to get done but Corbe and I have recon-ed a cool spot for the first trip together then once we have the second boat the kids will be joining us.

I will get some video up and some fishing pictures end of the week., so more to follow

No longer stranded on weed filled banks its time to go get'em


Native Ultimate 14.5 tandem (converts solo as well)

Native Watercraft website

Pack and Paddle

I got the custom "SAR" edition...lol

I did a few improvements and would like to do more but I need some time in the boat to see how things are going to work. Eventually I would like to put in a fish-finder/GPS....

The parts supplied for the Scott rod holder sucked so I made a custom one from 1/4" textured G-10, it's pretty bomber now.

Picked up some 1/4" horse stall high impact rubber and built some movable/removable floor mats, they will dampen sound and protect our fishing reels other gear etc.

Corbe and I will be taking "The Sand-Raider"? on its maiden voyage tomorrow. We will be exploring/fishing the headwaters/bayou of Bundick Lake which is about 20 minutes from the house and looks extremely inviting