Going the extra Mile!


I had a good friend and fellow Veteran build a box for the Run Ranger Run knife. It came out pretty nice. This morning my good friend Jason Ebeyer came over with his camera equipment and took really great shots of the whole kit.

I cannot share those photos as we hope to get a article published on the event and knife with one of the knife magazines.

The box is made from wood I reclaimed from a old garage I tore down this last summer, it is virgin pine from the early 1900's. It has been rubbed down with boiled linseed oil, really did come out nice and completes the package.

Wood burner in action the box says "28 RRR 565" Then stenciled SAR, and I.B.2014

Anyways thanks to Lyle Peters and Jason Ebeyer for your help.


Incredible support


I talked with Cory Smith from Run Ranger Run and he gave me the tally. They promoted the knife from the beginning and took $50.00 dollars per person to enter for the drawing. The grand total was pretty awesome, all said and done the Run Ranger Run knife raised $22,061.00 dollars.

Unreal and you can bet we will do it again next year! I love my job!