Ferriers Rasp turn big bowie

This project started with a rasp that Larry Brown Jr. profiled into a bowie knife back in 1991. It lived in a shop drawer for more than a decade and a half, then it got the job of fire poker for the shop stove. One day while working at Larry's Machine Works Inc. I took it home and made the first one and gave it back to him at Christmas of 2012. These are the first run of the LBJB, pretty crazy to knock out 5 big blades at once it was lots of grind time. I have a few left and posted on my website in the edged tool section.

If you interested there is one left at my web store  LBJB for sale



First Ever "SAR Global Tool" T-shirts coming

 Scroll down for larger picture!


I will be offering a t-shirt, I have never offered a t-shirt under the "SAR Global Tool" label. They of course will be of the highest quality and the design is rocking a little bit of the old SAR and the New SAR.

Front of the shirt will be the SAR oval arrow logo with Global Tool with the circle r which I am very proud to be a "Registered company in the U.S.. The back will have the Skeleton Hornet which is the very design that put me on the map and help pave the way to where I am now. Also the Hornet XL production knife is being offered one last time and is going fast if you are interested in getting one go to POHLForce USA talk to Phil and he will square you away. My signature logo below the Hornet only goes on my 'Top shelf" or prototype knives and gear. On the right shoulder will be the reverse American flag and will be offered in Tan and O.D. Green color shirts of the best quality stock I can afford.

The logo's will be one color (black).

Mitchell Martin of Gator Graphics Gator Graphics is doing the work. He is a really awesome and respected artist who is local to Louisiana. He has been making shirts for my partner John Hurth that runs TYR Group LLC which is a world class "Visual Combat Tracking" school and I have had the pleasure of seeing the quality and care that goes into John shirts he offers through his Webpage

 Last time I had shirts or swag was back in 2007 and things are changing with more coming down the pipe. If you are interested in a shirt please send me your size and color Tan or O.D. Green and I will place you in the pending file and contact you with payment info when they come available spencer@sarglobaltool.com . I want to make some in Pink for the ladies as well so come on ladies and get some let me know please


SAR Global Tool Titanium combs are in stock!


I have combs in stock at the web store ready to ship. I also have a new version the "ACE" pocket comb in limited numbers ready to go as well. I also have put put three different finish versions of the pocket comb with clip up as well. Everything in in real time stock and when it says this item cannot be ordered it means I am out!

SAR GT Webstore

Back story on how the ACE pocket comb came to be. In 2011 a 3 letter agency came to me and wanted some pocket combs for field agents that worked in areas that they could not carry conventional weapons and needed items that would pass off as nothing but what it was....defensive in nature and sublime. Things like tactical pens, lightweight impact tools etc but even these could raise a eyebrow if seen. I often show people the comb and ask "What is it" they always reply "It's a comb" grinnnnnn ha ha.

So they bought a few of the original pocket combs with the clip. After some testing they conducted they like what the comb could achieve in terms as defensive tool and the fact that it was a very nice grooming tool. The downside was the "Pocket Clip" they got profiled and often asked what kind of knife they had or why where they carrying a "Knife".

Upon reading the report they sent me I told them to hang tight. I took a old school original plastic ACE pocket comb made a drwaing and then with some modifactions to the "Tine" spacing and length of tines I had a prototype cut, sent to the shop and finished in short order.

I tested it in various ways, in numerous situations in a attempt to replicate what someone in that capacity would encounter. Handed off to a friend who had business in Washington D.C. this person would be passing through numerous security checkpoints. Some of these checkpoints with have a level of scrutiny that borders insanity due to the level of secrecy involved in these AO's. Only one in as many as twenty checkpoints did the comb get retained and not allowed to pass, the security officer that took a interest only did so when he handed the comb back and felt the tines and commented that this item was considered duel purpose, my tester acknowledge that fact. The security guy asked him where is came from and he said it was a gift from his mother and he did not know were she ordered it from. It made it through security at a strip club that forbids any types of items except for crisp one dollar bills...ha ha. It really is in the end a COMB so there it is there?

SAR GT Webstore

Once my testing was complete I sent a report and the prototype to the agency. They put it through a battery of test and came back with a nice little order and a thanks for developing a much needed item that could prove to save the day. If it as ever been used by them I will never know, but just the thought of making a difference is reward alone.

The Hornet Comb modeled after one of my best knife designs (Not currently in stock but coming soon)

Also I hear people complain about the price and I will just say that I do my best to bring a honest price for a good tool. I have to have the comb water jetted which to begin with is not cheap, at the moment I am looking at a new water jet cutter but the place I go does such a good job paying the price they ask is worth it. The fact will always remain that 6LA4V MILSPEC Titanium is very expensive and extremely difficult to work with.  Also because I have to carry the overhead which sometimes is quite a bit I have to get the return to ensure I can keep them in stock. I assure you I am not getting rich selling pocket combs, I do it more as a service to my brothers in arms to keep the bad ass bearded guys looking good. In the end you will always get what you pay for! 

Here are some links to various write ups and a video done by a good friend Mark Davies that runs a company called Tactical Edge that specializes in using uncommon things to achieve surprising results.

The best review to date by Mark Davies from the UK

SAR Comb/Tactical Edge video

Great review by a fellow "Bearded brother" and member of the world famous TBOC facebook group!

MAX venom pocket comb with clip

A review by my long haired brother from down under

The Dead Ringer (Not in stock at this time but coming back soon)

This was they very first video I did to promote the SAR Global Tool pocket comb. Yes the background music is Said by Fred "I'm to sexy"...don't be a hater because you know its true....ha ha ha

The First Video by SAR Global Tool!

Look for some updates as I begin to popoulate my webstore with edge tools for the very first time since I started the web store. Its pretty exciting for this to happen and has taken quite a bit of time to get to this point.

SAR GT Webstore

Thanks to all the folks that trust the gear I make and to any new customers I am always humbled by the comments and encouragement I receive and continue to receive. I will always strive to provide the best in customer service and that is non negotible if you should ever and I mean ever have a problem with my product just reach out to me by email or phone and I assure you we can figure something out.



Dream Becomes Reality Airborne All the way!

"Death From Above"

Yesterday I jumped my first jump since 2007. I Need to check my log but I have a meager 25+ Static line from High Performance military aircraft jumps. This time it was lots of fun and I am now working towards my Free Fall license.
 Ranger Newt and I in 2004 on a cool jump from an old 50's Polish Reconnaissance Aircraft called a AN/2 COLT

I booked my first jump with Skydive Louisiana . The owner, Bill, was really cool guy and the staff was comprised of some veterans of various armed services and operational backgrounds.
  Benjamen and I did some one on one training. Then we rigged up, and took a 25 minute ride in a little Cessna to 10,000' opened the door and jumped out. I performed six 90 degree turns and at 5,500' pulled the rip cord and also got to helped steer us into our landing zone. It is a requirement that your first jump be tandem and it is the only way to go in this kind of sport. One wrong move and you will become "Ice Cream For Crows". After returning for some ground school and four or five more jumps I will receive my license. The overall atmosphere was relaxed yet everyone was a top notch professional from pilot to the personal handling the appointments. All equipment was brand new and in a highly serviceable state and things just went very smooth.
I, also, used the opportunity to market my Knives and Survival Gear to Bill and his staff. Handed out about 20  SAR Eclipse Signal System video . Everyone fully understood how this little device could play a role in the day to day operations and the sport they pursue. If you have been jumping for any amount of time we all know you do not always land where you expect to!

My first jump at 10,000' was everything I expected and of course I want more. I am now wondering why I wait so long to do this.

When they gave me that Helmet and then I saw the pictures later...... well you can see that SGT Oddball from "Kelly's Hero's" handed in his Sherman tank for the Airborne/Ranger Infantry!


Final Inspection

No negative waves here, man

First one or Number one?

Prepare for landing!

I will be trying to complete my certifacation in the next two months. Anyone that is local to me and would like to go up, let me know, we can share the ride, the experince and the gas

Stand by stuff is happening at SAR Global Tool. Rumor has it Blade 2014 will be the return.

"Deeds Not Words"


POHL>)Force SAR Hornet XL FINAL edition going fast!!

 POHL>)Force /SAR Hornet XL the final addition. Here is the description from Pohl Force.

"The Hornet XL was our very FIRST knife; this is where the Pohl Force story began. The characteristic Spencer A. Reiter design matches perfectly with the significant name, well known within the knife world. The name for this knife may seem unusual as it was only later that we began to name our models after the NATO alphabet."

I am always humbled by the knowledge that Dietmar chose this design out 100's if not thousands of knife makers and design's he knew at the time. I swell with huge pride knowing that POHL Force is a rock solid and highly successful international knife company and continuing to expand.

When we started this project Dietmar promised a knife from every run we did almost every knife he sent is the serial number #001 and I also have the pre-production proto-type. Also laying there is the very first Hornet XL that I built. Currently I am waiting for both versions of the final edition and the set will be finished and maybe I can get some exposure for us in one of the top knife mags. I am however sad that the run is over but I can always hope and strive to work with my friend again.

 Dietmar is meticulous,  kind and a man of honor. To anyone that may get the opportunity to work with him I would tell you that it could possibly be the most enjoyable, hassle free and highly successful collaboration you could enter into.

So with that being said THIS IS THE LAST RUN. One of my buddies has received his Final Edition Hornet XL, I got to look at it yesterday. I know this is biases and you can take it for what it worth. I do know what quality looks like in a knife and he has gone above and beyond what you will might expect in a production knife at this price. From steel to zippered pouch no corners have been cut.

If you are here in the states you can follow this link directly to his POHL>)Force U.S.A. division which is the exclusive distributor for PF products. POHL>)Force U.S.A. division, In Europe go here POHL>)Force Europe division and HQ and his facebook page to follow his progress to the top! POHL>)Force Facebook feed

Here are some good reviews from the past that are pretty good. These are some of the previous editions that are no longer in production

POHL>)Force SAR Hornet XL




Momentary Dyas

For some unknown reason I have built these knives and they form what the Spartans call a Dyas (Duo). Although they were paired in conception they will follow two different yet parallel paths to Afghanistan!

So two post in one day I must be sick...ha ha

The recurve is already in the hands of a young 2LT scout platoon leader on his way to well you know where. He lives down the street and found out I build knives and asked me to build him one. I find no greater honor than doing exactly that.

This is based on the S/E (Survive/Escape) design minus the leg rig, signal device and firestarter.

CPMS30V  HRc 60-61
10" OAL 5" handle 5" hollow ground blade.
Hand finished coyote brown fine texture handle with steel fastners.
Kydex sheath x 2.


Been waiting to do a big update

Ha ha,

I kept telling myself that I would re-start the blog with a big update, but that just leads to more procrastination. So I am just gonna dive in need not explain where I have been the last year as its not important. Currently kicking ass in the shop on a daily basis is what matters!

I have a really good friend and business partner John Hurth of TYR' Group LLC. John is always "switched on" and ready to go. We recently finished up a project that was both fun and has proven a successful endeavor.

Last year John asked me to build a Mjolnir so I instantly went to google figured out what it was and got to designing. After a few drawings we decided on the follow one for the first custom run. Here is Johns description off the his website.

The TÝR Group Mjölnir is a collaboration project between TYR Group LLC and SAR Global Tool. All Mjölnirs are individually hand crafted, and not one is the same. 

Mjölnir (/ˈmjɒlnɪər/ or /ˈmjɒlnər/ MYOL-n(ee)r); means "crusher". In Norse mythology, Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Distinctively shaped, Mjölnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of leveling mountains.
The TÝR arrow was the symbol of the warrior and was inscribed on warriors weapons to bring them strength, protection and victory in battle. The symbol also represented the values held by choosing the warrior path such as duty, honor, integrity, discipline, responsibility, and self-sacrifice."

The first run was made in 440c each one is 100% hand made and each one is uniquely different. We ended up with around 30 for sale and they have been moving fast. I have some pictures from the build and will provide a link to the Mjolnir for purchase on Johns site. We have already started to develop the next run and have decided to keep exploring new designs until we hit it out of the park!

John is wearing a very special Mjolnir made in Chad Nichols stainless steel Damascus. It is one of kind just like my Ranger buddy John! 

Follow this link if you are interested in purchasing one Mjolnir description and purchase page
So get some while you can.

Other things are happening as well and I will go into them at a later date. I have been doing some more R&D on one of the "Last Ditch Designs". I have a few more things I want to explore to ensure everything is going to work out well for both the end user and me the builder. So I will just put some pictures up so you can see the design but I will omit any description at this time.

Also for now the last Inglorious Basterd has been sold, I will be building these when time permits and I feel the urge....I am not taking orders on this design.

14" OAL 8" blade with false edge
GCM with CF palm swell
Kydex and leather rigs
textured and tumbled

Okay that"s it for now and as usual I always have the SAR SESS signal gear in stock and I am currently working on the knife page to get some stock in and posted up. If you have any questions feel free to call the shop or send a email to sarglobaltool@gmail.com