Nothing goes to waste and R&D

I had three small pieces of Ti, not wanting to waste anything I built these for the key-chain. Good little tool for opening package's and such. What you see is what you get. Send me a email if you would like one.


$25.00 shipped all fees etc

6-4 MILSPEC Titainium 3" long
Small cutting grove with carbide enforced edge
3/16 lantard hole/1 with lanyard 2 without

Been working on some cool projects lately, and prototyping some new ideas with new materials.

I learned a few skills this summer working at my friends machine shop which have allowed me run my lathe better. The lathe is really nice it's a WEBCO from Germany, variable power feed and speed..

 I have started a new device I have been wanting to get going for some time. I made the first one about six month ago. it was not until recently that I found the solution to the problem. So I have started to get the ball rolling and currently waiting on samples of material needed from a Texas based company. I have been making the current ones with off the shelf material here, but it's not good enough for this tool. I am not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet so this will be continued.




Some Gear For Sale

I have a few items that I was trying out to see how well they worked and this is what is left over. Some of these items may be included in the future, but as stated before you never know if you will see it again!

Send me a to sarglobaltool@gmail.com and I will send you a invoice for payment.


Regular pocket comb SOLD

This is the last one, the other 3 went out to folks to test and one other was sold.

Same approximate size as a Ace pocket comb. Made from 6LA4V MILSPEC TI .080 thick


Women's Titanium "Hair pick" comb
No mystery here as to what this can be used for!

$75.00 3 in stock

.080x1.25x8 MILSPEC Titanium

Titanium sticker that looks like fingernail file. I may do more of these as I got some solid feedback, these will cut, stab etc 6LA4V MILSPEC Titanium 5' long with a 3" chiseled edge with carbidized re enforced edge.


Early prototype of the first SAR Global Tool signal mirrors. Made with a g10 cover and Titanium polished mirror. Pivots open with a ball detent closure. These will have small scratches and a little dirt on the G10 as they where used in testing.