Combs on the way to Blade Art

Just gonna follow up my last post.

I have finished one batch of my combs, if you are interested you can purchase from www.bladeart.com or you can contact me.

The both combs are really stout....and quite capable of being used in a defensive mode.

Also here is a nice review I found on You Tube about the collaboration between Dietmar Pohl of Pohl Force Knives and SAR Global tool.

Cool stuff




First Post

Why is it always hard to start something new?

My webmaster and good friend suggested that I try a "Blog" site to help display and describe what goes on at SAR Global Tool. So after my usual procrastination here we go.

At the moment I have a few things going on and as always something developing or "In the works". Here is a quick bench shot of some tools, knives, and toys in progress, if you notice the square, pad and pencil its something new in its Beginning stages of design.

Currently the main focus is a large batch of Tactical Titanium hair combs, Hope to be done with these today so I can move on to some other stuff that needs attention.

Okay I will stop back later to post some pictures of combs, and also some shop shots here is one from yesterday standing at the grinder.