Proof of life!

Sorry for the lack of posting, its always hard to balance all the different operations. I have spent some time with the Louisiana economic development working on a business plan, streamlining operations and working towards hiring a employee. When I get ready to hire I will be looking for a US Veteran.

I have been building up my stocks on items such as combs, mirrors and other various things. I did take some time to work on my first knife I ever built from a file. I had always heard from many many people "Files make great knives" they where correct. I fully annealed ( softened ) the blade first then profiled, and partially ground the bevels. I re-hardened the blade then finished it out to a nice 400 grit satin finish with a simple cord wrap. I think this one will go on my belt and maybe I will get to use it on a pig or a deer if I get lucky this year.

File Specs:
Nicholson file Made in the USA Superior Flat Standard
.140x8" OAL with a 3.5" blade
Zero stretch rigging line wrap


The DVM/US Military Contractor Knife Project

Hey everyone,

I had a post up here about day 1 of a work in progress I did with James Grey of "Death Valley Magazine"  DVM home page . We have worked together for the last few months on a knife design, I decided to do a very involved "work in progress" which through comment, photography and video I was able to show almost every major step of the design, construction and finishing of the knife. It made the overall time line of completion much longer, but in the end I think it served its purpose to educate people on what goes into custom tool/knife making. No magic, no mystery heat treat formula, no baying at the moon etc, just a systematic approach with some good old elbow grease and the desire to build the best knife possible.

I like to use the term "What you see is what you get" or "It is what it is", its really that simple. Trying to build the "one knife that does it all" is impossible so "What you see is what you". The knife however is a sound design, solid construction, with nice form, and back by "Me" because it has my name stamp on it.

I am working with James to build a run of limited numbers, and will certainly let anyone know who is interested in this knife the opportunity to purchase one. The feedback has been great, I know there are just as many folks that don't like the design but I have learned its very hard to please everyone!

Instead of me re posting the "WIP" here which would be very time consuming, I will just direct you over to DVM. DVM is a great place with a very knowledgeable, talented, group or writers that base there articles off of real time deployments, current professions, etc. The "Dark Humor" associated with all the articles helps drive the point home a tad bit better than other place's in my opinion and that one reason why I look forward to the funny ass picture, the comedy and short content every 24 hrs.

Anyways enough of my bullshit here are some links to the all the post

SAR Global Tool/DVM US Contractor Knife project

DVM/US Military Contractor knife Completed

Here is a link to all the you tube videos for the WIP

SAR Global Tool video channel

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and safe travel!


SAR Global Tool *Special Run Gear* for sale 08NOV10

Some folks have been asking about these two items in the last few months. So I got the materials together and got them done. The "Moon-Glow Micros" they have all the signal a person could want Night reflective, Glow in the dark and day signal.

The addition of a titanium/carbidize edged tool ( Not Standard on all eclipses ) to the SAR Eclipse Signal Device, takes it to another level of a really good "last Ditch" item that would be great to have when the chips are down or you forget your knife and need to do some light duty cutting of cord, open a box or need to make some distance? The cord, knot and finger groove all play a key part as yo can tell from the "In the hand picture". The groove gives you some index and the knot acts as a light duty stop to keep the blade from rotating up...works pretty good.

This will be considered a special run on both devices, so get them while supplies last!

If you would like to make a purchase just a email to spencer@sarglobaltool.com or sarglobaltool@gmail.com . Paypal or Postal Money Orders accepted.

SAR Moon-Glow Micro Elite $35.00 shipped
Main disk is moon glow
Flat or Domed mirror polished 316 stainless steel reflector for day signal
SOLAS 3M high intensity reflective tape for night signal
Stainless steel bead chain and stainless steel split ring.

SAR Eclipse Signal Device W/ Ti knife tag $40.00 Shipped
SOLAS 3M High intensity Reflective tape for night signal
Mirrored tag for day time signal
6LA4V Titanium tag with carbide enhanced edge
Pocket, MOLLE, Money clip etc


Good Article to Read on Visual Combat Tracking by TYR Group

John Hurth president of TYR Group LLC and affiliate Jason Brokaw of Brokaw Arms LLC have put together a great article/discussion.

"Visual Tracking and the Military Tracking Team Capability: A Disappearing Skill and Misunderstood Capability -- Latest document produced by TÝR Group, LLC regarding Visual Tracking."

Tracking Article

TYR Group webpage

Brokaw Arms webpage



SAR Global Gear For Sale 03NOV2010

SAR Gear for sale
Order info
Send me a email at spencer@sarglobaltool.com or sarglobaltool@gmail.com let me know what you may want, I always send a detailed quickbooks invoice for payment.
All items include PP, Shipping and Handling.
All items ship First class parcel ( if you want it faster let me know )
All items usually ship with-in 24 hours
All items shipped overseas will require a little extra to get it there.
I do accept Pay Pal, Postal MO and personal checks. Item will ship when funds are received


The PBK ( PAck and Boat Knife )
Nothing special a real minimalist approach to mans oldest tool. Good utility blade for backpacking, kayak fishing, and survivalist needs. Not to big not to small, not to thick and not so thin etc etc lots of compromise. It should do well for many applications in the outdoor setting.

.125"x7.5" OAL with a 3.5" blade
HRc 59-60 on the cpm 154 and the ti has a carbidized enhanced edge
Low viz, low maintenance SAR tumble finish
Handle is drilled out balance point is dead center
Handle wrap is 2 part first layer is approximately 3" .038"
"Kevlar Thread— Has a breaking strength five times greater than steel wire. It also has excellent heat and flame resistance. Meets MIL-T-87128. Maximum temperature is 400° F. Color is yellow"
Over wrap is approximately 3' of 5/32" braided nylon that has zero stretch, very durable and made for the commercial fishing industry used as rigging line.
Butt end has a small pry/flat screwdriver.

All of these PBK's are of the first run and the first available for sale

PBK in Orange G10 $250.00 shipped SOLD

PBK wrapped $225.00 SOLD

PBK-R runt is a shorter version and is 6" long with a 2" blade $200.00 shipped on Hold

SAR 1911 TDT ( Take Down Tool ) $450.00 shipped
CPM 154 blade .160x4" stonewashed Recurved blade
Both both and lockface have been carbidized for long lasting wear
Textured and stonewashed .140 6L/4V Ti lock side and clip
Textured Black coarse peel G-10 with regular 1911 bushing wrench
5 1/2" Closed, 9 3/4" open
Ti disk (shell casing) with logo steel thumbstud (primer)
Removable cord wrapped lanyard. optional

SARclops Neck knife one is 6LA4V Titanium with a carbide edge in wharncliff grind, one is CPMD2 in a persian grind. Ti version SOLD. D2 is $200.00 shipped. For more selection you can visit my dealer Dan at Plaza Cutlery same price same great service Plaza Cutlery

SAR Slug in 6LA4V Titanium with carbide edge with carbon fiber handle $250.00 shipped. For more info on this and some other gear please check out Dan at Plaza Cutlery Plaza Cutlery

SAR Eclipse Signal System $15.00 each shipped over 200 hundred in stock and ready to go. Here is a You tube video of this device. SAR Eclipse Signal System Video

SAR Tac-Ti comb w/pocket clip 1"x4" 6LA4V MIL S. $100.00
SAR Beardy comb w/lanyard 1.5"x3.5" 6LA4V MIL S. $50.00

SAR Dead Ringer comb W/kydex sheath 1.7"x5.8" 1 1/4" hole 6LA4V Mil S. $100.00
SAR Hornet DF comb w/kydex sheath 1.3"x5.8" 6LA4V MIL S. $100.00


PBK for Halloween and the PBK-R ( Runt )

I decided to do a PBK with handle material, I had a choice between yellow and orange...the decision was easy Halloween=orange.

The pry tool detail with handle material worked out pretty good, still functions. Also did up the last of the prototypes, I am pretty happy with the way it performs so I will go forward with more.

CPM 154 HRc 59-60
All have a 3' wrap of Kevlar thread which is 5 times stronger than steel line
Zero stretch braided cord.

The "PBK-R" ( Runt ) will be a cool little back pocket blade, very sheeple friendly.
6" over all length with a pointy 2" blade

I will have some available next week if you may be interested let me know, I will try to keep the cord of the same color but it may changed.

Thanks and have a scary Halloween.....Please remember all those serving in the military to ensure our freedom!



A quick update

Just wanted to mention that everything other than a few items from the September gear sale is sold out. I will get some stuff up here today or tomorrow.  I have a faster way to manufacturer my Signal gear so expect a nice little price drop...if I can build it faster and maintain the same quality I can charge less..right.

We spent the weekend up at a state park called "Hodges Garden" Website, we rented a cabin which sits on the lake. The kids had a blast running around the woods, kayaking, and fishing. I was stalking some monster carp with a spear I fashioned from a bamboo grove. I was unable to get as close for a clean shot...next time I will do it just a bit different...these carp are over 3-4' long....huge fish. Anyways we had a good time, also had a chance to test my new knife the PBK ( pack and boat knife ) it does really well in almost all areas except chopping it's to be expected with this design...has to be some tradeoff for the light weight.