Whats availble at the store and in the chute!


Hope your summer is going well, if ou are hitting the woods consider buying some SAR Eclipse Signal Systems of maybe a moon glow micro.

On the edged Tool side of the house we have a few OddJobs that  are in stock till they last.bThey have been a great selling knife with many happy customers.

Been working on four Hornet Recurves and a completely one off Hornet XL great selection of high end handle material, Iron wood, G10, red liners and Carbon fiber. So they are gonning to be nice.

The Hornet XL is In a bowie blade style...grey g10, red liners and lighting strike CF. It sould be pretty hot.

So please check www.sarglobaltool.com we re flush with the SAR Pocket comb and Ace pocket comb, plus all signal devices are always in stock.

SAR Global Tool OddJob can be found at http://sarglobaltool.com/

 Hornet Recurves in progress just before rough grinding the handles in for first fit.

 Handles shaped to blades from left to right grey G10, red liners and fine textured carbon fiber, next is some awesome desert iron wood, the tanto styleRanger green, Red liner and fine textured CF. The one off Hornet XL bowie has grey g10, red liners and Lighting Strike carbon Fiber should look really good. The Hatchet is for a good friend is sporting textured Ranger green g10
 Finished ODDJob's with reflective with reflective imsert
Spencer Alan Reiter
SAR Global Tool

Any questions please email me at sarglobaltool @gmail.co