"Kingfishers" and a Kiridashi complete.

Hey folks,

After finishing this years Run Ranger Run knife the Inglorious Bastard complete with a companion knife to go with the Bastard. Well I really liked the companion blade which is a design I have had in my sketch book for like 3-4 years. I like it so much I turned around and made the first seven, 5 are in 1095 and 2 are in CPM3V.

The blades average 6.5 inches, no 2 in this batch is the same, they have a kydex sheath set up for neck carry or you can buy a TEC-LOK for belt carry as well. Simple small diameter MILSPEC cord wrap and a SAR  Global Tool Always open lanyard for extra retention and for indexing in periods of limited visibility.

I will be doing another run soon, the Kiridashi was the scrap from cutting the other two in CPM3V, no waste around here:).

I will announce the next build as people are asking, so stand by to stand by.

Better dimensions on the next build everything pictured is sold.


The first Kingfisher as a companion blade to the Bastard

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