SAR Eclipse "Micros" in macro

The smallest and by far the coolest of the SAR Eclipse Signal System. These could really be considered jewelry with a purpose. They have a fine near perfect mirror polish with the rough edge is a great contrast. Not mention a nice solid heft, its one of those items you cannot put down once you pick it up. Corbe made one with some findings she had 5 complete strangers thoughout the day ask her were she got it and said they thought it looked cool and unique.

SAR Micro Eclipse Signal System
CPM 154 HRc 60
Stonewashed body
Mirror polished signal face
Reflective tape on backside

I will make these available soon enough.

Had to go to "Macro Mode" on the "Micros"...enjoy the pics



  1. Nice!
    Any idea on pricing?
    Whats your source for the SOLAS tape?

  2. Adrian they all sold pretty fast about an hour and they where gone...around 35.00 bones each.

    I order my tape from Cole farms...its spendy but worth it.