Light at the end of the tunnel

It seems I have been at these 2 knives forever. I started where I left last night off hand rubbing the blades to 600 grit. Much easier in the nice early morning light.

Got a real nice satin finish and ready for etch again..it will look good this time for sure.

I end up having to re-do the small blade because the etch was a little jacked up, so it had to be hand rubbed out again...and that sucked. But here they are and I am pretty happy with the results at this point.

Doing this type of work you really go through a lots of towels, sandpaper, sweat and I am sure my hands will be screaming sore tomorrow.

Here is the proto-type of the "Mr Fancy Pants" fire SAR Firewalker in desert iron wood, I am waiting for my small pocket compass's to come in. They are Marbles in brass and should look really great.

Now you are probably wondering where the pictures of the knives are right, well technically they are not done yet because I still have to build the drop leg sheath rigs. I suppose I could share a few pictures but you will have to wait because I have got do battle with my fast growing lawn. So later tonight I will throw up some quick pictures I took and they really are nothing fancy.


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