SAR CPMD2 S/E #002 done with some changes

Today I had the chance to wear Paris's knife CPMD2 S/E 001 found out some changes really needed to happen on his and the second drop leg rig.

The things I needed to change
1 The sheath flopped around during movement, extraction and insertion
2 The leg strap was really too narrow and it did not adjust or fasten well.
3 The Fire-Walker was missing something and a bit too narrow, it need just a bit more meat around it and some color.
4 From my experience in the Infantry/ski patrolling anything that can rub you wrong during long patrols, forced marches and rescues etc will really piss a guy off. The back of the sheath had a few hard spots=Hot spots=pain for the end user.

I was happy with number one but not satisfied. The specs are the same as #001 except this one is 3/4" shorter in the blade length.
So spent about 8 hours looking to simplify the whole drop leg and come away looking clean? I will re-rig Paris's knife with these chnages as well.

Here is a 15 second video of the knife/sheath...nothing fancy.


Back of the sheath is now smooth, clean and simple

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