1095 S/E's

This is a follow up to a earlier post called "Things are heating up". I had a few issues with this bar of 1095, lots of movement through all phase's of pre heat treat. So today I took the knives through some cycle's of "Normalizing" which relieves stress built by drilling, grinding and yelling at it..lol. Throughout the process of grinding the bevels I had to go back and recheck for straightness.

I was able to work it all out...here is a picture of the grinding process at 220 grit finish

After the grinding I put the blades in for another normalizing cycle while that was ongoing I got my "satinite" refractory cement mixed up. Here are a few shots of the clay after application...will it be a "Picasso" or a "Wall-Mart poster".

Here is a quick shot of the first two after heat treat and a snap quench. It will all make sense later on in the build.

I am going to the movies tomorrow with the wife and kids, so I will get back on it Monday. We will see how they start to come together?


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