Post Heat treat on the 1095 S/E's...working towards the finish line.

Friday I got the 4 of 5 knives through heat treat, although they proved to be a pain in the ass well they are done and looking good.

I decided to profile one into a re curve, if you look you can see where the clay was. That area is softer than the edge once they finish out you will see it really pop out when the knives are dipped into "Ferric Chloride". A etching process will take place the difference in hardness will provide a visual contrast that hopefully will look real cool.

I selected some really top shelf handle material which will be exhibition grade desert iron wood with red liners

Liners and handle material are glued up and currently drying

Midget chicken for lunch...lol

Future ops getting some work for heat treat

These little gems are called Micro Eclipses which are the smallest signal mirrors in my Eclipse line up, they also make really cool necklaces...more to follow on those.

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