Things are "Heating up"

Today is the day that as a knife maker I will perform the most important step in the knife making process which is Heat treating the steel. 1095 although referred to as a simple steel is anything but simple. Consistent temperature, a quench oil that is fast, and a fast hand getting it to the quench oil.

I have a few more details to address before HT like counter boring the holes, clean up the mill scale and filing the thumb ramp.

Should make things really hot in the shop all fans with be on warp drive. Here is the HT station prepped and ready to get HOT!

Here is a shot of the five 1095 S/E blades but the real reason is to provide a small clue to the next project. When I built Paris's knife I stumbled onto a really cool idea that involves a SARclops, G10, kydex and O'rings. If it comes together it should provide a very clean and functional NMDK?....haha

Also I finally figured out the comments if you should leave one it seems to take some time to get posted in the blog system.

Thanks for tuning in

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