Introducing the SAR O'rig

I have something pretty cool to share this morning. A long standing question in regards to making a "Kydex" sheaths without "Metal rivets" to secure a knife may be answered right here.

 Why would this all matter, well if you are trying to make a truly "Non Metal defensive tool" that cannot be picked up by metal detectors it seems the hang up has always been how to secure the kydex sheath, carrier etc without the use of metal kydex rivets. All the other methods folding it over, making little securing tabs, or tying it together with 550 cord etc they all lack some flexibility.

I recently built a knife called the CPMD2 S/E the kydex sheath has a Fire starter which is held in place by 2 single rubber O'rings. I had a conversation with a good friend Dan Clark and he brought to my attention what I could really achieve with the use of the O'rings and a G10 knife. A really clean, secure non metal detectable knife. Here is a picture of the fire starter secured by the rubber O'rings.

Yesterday I decided to build 7 of my small SARclops utility knives in a variety of G10. I then proceeded to build the sheaths using  the O'ring technique. Dam if it did not work out extremely slick, great retention, nice little snap when the knife is inserted=sucess all the way around. A added bonus in keeping things simple the O'rings double as securing point or can simply be slid onto any belt up to a rigger style. So here are some pictures of what I will dub the SAR O'rig featuring a G10 SARclops non metal knife.

Exploded view with all parts present. 2 sides kydex, 2 2 3/16"x2"x3 /32" rubber O' rings small diameter nylon cord, and G10SARclops.

The SARclops knife ( first time in G10 ) itself is a very formidable defensive tool. It is more than capable of inflicting heavy damage to a attacker. It can slash, really just simple heavy pressure on the wrist of someone can bring them to there knee's. Now the blade edge with damage if used improperly cutting something very hard will roll the edge or chip it, heavy prying could snap the knife. I guess it is what it is.

G10 SARclops in 6 different blade styles, all are ground down to a very thin 0 degree edge.

 As with anything I am not saying this is the last word in non metal sheath construction, it is merly a sound tecnique I am suggesting. Try it out, work to improve it etc and let me know what you think?



  1. G10 SAR clops is the answer if a metal detector was the question......

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