SGT Run Ranger Run 2015 I.B. work in progress day 8

Run Ranger Runners and all you awesome supporters,

Knock on wood but we are pretty close to mission success here at SAR Global Tool, with the 2nd annual "SGT Inglorious Bastered knife". Hope somebody is feeling really lucky, the blade is exceptional. The hand selected material all has a bit a meaning to it and to the the blade and to the Ranger community, please understand that's from  my perspective only and of course opinions could vary.

The first set of handles for the back up Bastard just never felt right from the beginning to bulky,considering the thickness of the steel. So I dump them and decided on a tried and and true material called Green Canvas Micarta. It is as hard a wood pecker lips and impervious to anything, oils, solvents, enemy blood.........etc etc even sharks with Lasers......:)
Contouring the edges and getting them ready for hand sanding, you can see in the next picture how thin they are but trust me the knife feels the hand.

 Cutting kydex, same as last year O.D. Front blaclback

 Blue painters tape is place in three layers, two in one side and one on the other. The tape measures about .0003" and provides a little room so the kydex does not scratch of mar the finish of the blades

 Kydex is cooking at 350-375 for about 3-4 minutes comes out floppy and ready to mold. The black piece in placed down first and then the knife is put in position, green over that and then clamped down very tightly and left to set. It cools quickly and it taken out at the right time you can do little minor adjustments.

Lighting Strike Carbon Fiber

Almost ready

Stay tuned as we finish up this battle blades

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