SGT Run Ranger Run 2015 I.B. work in progress day 7

Run Ranger Run folks and supporters,

 As usual "Murphy" showed on the second larger blade but have a back up plan that I should have went went with first go around.......that handles just not meet my expectation's and the over al thickness . Its not the first time stuff like this happens.

Here was the start point to today, all the edges needed to to be rounded, to include the blade. The only sharp edge should be the cutting edge........period.

 Using a small wheel I slowly radius the edge to set up for the hand sanding I will do out side

As stated all edges get broken , whih makes the hand sanding easier later.

The rough radius with 129 grit flex belt, before going to hand sanding.

Handsanding begins in a shoeshine motion starts at 220 grit and ends at 400 grit this buffed to a nice shine witch really brings out the best in Lighting Strike Carbon fiber.

Once all this is done the knife is cleaned very well and place in "Ferric Chloride" if there is is any spotting on debris it will be left on the blade. I left this blade in for 20 minutes and the etch cme ou nice and dark. Once removed it is naturalized with Windex  and the spray WD-40

 Better pictures coming promise

 Had poor sun but this are looking good

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