Run Ranger Run 2015 I.B. work in progress Day 1.

Run Ranger Run 2015,

 I just returned from a a trip down to Patagonia and had to delay the building of the 2015 Inglorious Basterd. I had a great time the place is a must see if you can ever find the time. This was my horrible view every morning....ha ha.

Okay now its time to get down to Basterd building. Last years Basterd was only 12" long, this years Basterd will be a whopping 14" of pure badness. So lets get this work in progress on the on the go.

As Always Rangers must have a contingency plan, as you can see from the following photo that our good friend Murphy showed up. Of the two blades started last year one broke, so of course we have
 two blades started again.

Please check in daily for progress, if you wish you can subscribe by clicking the "RSS" feed and every time I make a update you will get a email.

Its a great honor to help GallantFew Inc, Run Ranger Run and a pleasure to work with Karl, Cory, and Candyss.

If you need the back story on this epic event go to this link and have a read. Run Ranger Run



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