SGT Run Ranger Run 2015 I.B. work in progress day 6

Run Ranger Ranger Run folks and supporter.

Sorry for the delay, I came down with he flu on Sunday that turned to bronchitis. I worked until I had to made a appointment at the VA and was told to stand down for at least 24 hours. So lets gets back up to speed I plan to make my deadline. as promised, so we will get back to day 6.

At this poin the handles are rough fitted, and I like to finish the blades up to a close to the finish point. For these we will go 60, 120, 220, 400 grit.

Scott let me borrow his helmet Ethan Mad Max made him for Christmas this year ha ha

Handles are now fitted to the profile of the blade, its pretty quick work with a 60 grit knuckle buster.

From here its really all about cleaning up your mess you made.

 Finish point for day 6

Standby for more build action hope you enjoy.

Spencer A Reiter

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