Final Post on the 2015 Run Ranger Run knife.

Run Ranger Run and you awesome supporters.

I will be honest when I wrote that "Failure was not a option", the very next day I find myself pretty sick and it got worse. That one remark stabbed me more than you can imagine, thankfully In between the bad days or hours where good times I could make the most of to finish the "2015 Run Ranger Run battle blade". It was finished on time and had to wait for the weather to clear for some decent shots and we still have a box (Ammo crate ) style to finish this week....easy issue.

2015 Inglorious Basterd Spec:

13 1/4" Overall length with a 7" re curved cutting edge.
Made a from a "Bastard Mill Cut file it is around HRc58-59
The top has been been false edged and the last 2" is slightly sharp.
The handle is a laminate of three materials Black G10, Yellow liner, and Lighting strike carbon fiber, only in person in the sunlight will you really understand how special this stuff is.

On a personal note I have enjoyed building the blades the last 8 days and look forward to building more. I have something pretty special in mind for next years event. So we have yet to reach the peak.


Thank you its been a honor to serve.


Last Year we raised $22,061.00 for the RRR knife and this year we raised $37,404.00 for the RRR Knife


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