SGT Run Ranger Run 2015 I.B. work in progress day 4

Good Morning all you Run Ranger Runners,

Yesterday was not all that exciting, I spent about 8-10 hours preparing the handle material for the Bastereds.

As you notice or not I always shoot a picture of the the start point for each day, hope it helps to show the progress. Yesterday I dressed it up a bit with "Old Glory" and she was looking fine. If you look at the blades they have a kinda "Straw brown color" which is a good indicator of a proper heat treat to the steel.

Next I add what is called a female stand-offs which are .250" or 1/4" in diameter. They are threaded for a 4-40 screw. There are many ways to attach handles this is just the way that I do it.

This next picture shows the handle material I choose to use. At the top is medium textured ""Ranger" green G10, and yes its really referred  to as such. The red is called liner material and it will get laminated between the RG and a thin piece of black G10. The material with the sticker is called lighting strike carbon fiber, it was used in last years Basterd, not show is the yellow liner material. It will also get laminated to a thin piece of black G10. The LSCF just for that piece which is 1/8"x12"x12" cost at the time $120.00.....yikes

Not pictured but I use a square abd ruler to measure each piece, then it gets cut on the bandsaw

All the handle pieces are laid out and ready to get glued up. You have to do this pretty fast and have everything you need in place, the epoxy sets very quickly.

 I use a small brush to apply the epxoy and ensure that every little bit is covered.

Next they are placed between to blocks and tightened down in one of my vices, and left to cure for 5-6 hours

At this point I can now spot the holes for the screws, scribe the outline to the blade. Cut away what I can and then grind the rest away

 This was the last shot of the day while I still had light and had down just a bit of grinding on the blades.

Stay tuned for more action


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