SGT Run Ranger Run 2015 I.B. work in progress day 2

Run Ranger Run Folks,

Day 1 was a complete success, I am really digging how this "Basterd" is coming along.

I will do my best to explain each processes shown in picture, should you have any questions please feel free to asked on the Facebook page, here, or my email sarglobaltool@gmail.com.

Please excuse the first photo its a bit out of focus. The master pattern is clamped to the steel. Then all the holes are marked and outline scribed for drilling and cutting .

Next we drill all the holes, I use a 15/64" drill bit and then I use a precesion reamer to ensure the hole is exactly .250 or 1/4"

I just liked this shot as you watch the chips extract.

Also to keep the drill bit cool and to prevent whats called work hardening, I use cutting fluid.

Both blades are drilled, counter bored and the top Basterd is ready to get cut on the band saw.

Cutting the profile,in reality it's pure monkey work and quite boring....ha ha

 On a 2"x72 horizontal grinder which has various size wheels we grind away all that cannot be cut with the band saw.....we call it "Profiling" and hey sparks are cool:)

Next phase is to measure the thickness of the steel, do a little math so we can find the center to mark a set of parallel lines. Those lines are my reference that I will use in the grinding the main bevels. The slab of granite which weighs approximately 350 pounds is pretty much 99.9% flat. The device that scribes the lines is called a Height gauge. So it goes like this with a micrometer I measure the thickness of the blade. Lets say its .0250" I then divide that number by 2 which gives me .0125", then I subtract 15 which gives me .0110. I set the height gauge to .0110, and dragged the edge of the point, which produces my grind lines.

As you can see I have nice reference lines which will ensure I keep my grind lines even and centered

Using a special rest I will grind at about 45 degrees to those reference lines

On my small mill I will machine groves for grip, or better yet a place for your thumb to rest for good retention and traction.

 I worked late and the light was not that great but you can see the progress made in one day. So we are tracking and on schedule.

Today I will concentrate on the other blade and bring it to the same level as the other. Then tomorrow we will be ready to heat treat and put the "Soul" into the blades. We plan to shoot video as it is pretty cool to see red hot steel come out of the oven.

Thanks and stay tuned for more action.

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