Few knives and a quick update

Got my car packed and ready to head out in the early morning for my first leg to Culpeper, VA for a combat shooting course with Matt Graham of http://www.grahamcombat.com/ . Should be a fun filled weekend, Corbe cut me some major slack and said to take my time coming home and visit with a few friends.

MIL-SPEC Monkey on Graham combat 2009 video

I will update the blog with some video and pictures of my trip. I managed to finish up a few knives before the trip. Some SAR 1911 TDT's ( Take down Tool ) and a new very simple fixed blade design that is light, tough and very useful imo.

I rigged up the spearpoint to my chest rig and plan to use the shit out of it on my trip, I will be camping or staying with friends along the way instead of staying at any hotels so it should be a good time.

cpm 154
.125x7 3/4" OAL with a 3 1/8" blade
Can be cord wrapped, this one so happens to have a wrap of Kevlar thread which could come in very handy if need be.


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  1. I finally broke down and got my 1911 TDT, Hate to say it but my AR is headed to the safe, thanks Spencer