Pack and Boat knife

Nothing special a real minimalist approach to mans oldest tool. Good utility blade for backpacking, kayak fishing, and survivalist needs. Not to big not to small, not to thick and not so thin etc etc lots of compromise. It should do well for many application.
I made five in CPM 154 and one in 6LA4V ti
.125"x7.5" OAL with a 3.5" blade
HRc 59-60 on the cpm 154 and the ti has a carbidized enhanced edge
Low viz, low maintenance SAR tumble finish
Handle is drilled out balance point is dead center

Handle wrap is 2 part.
 first layer is approximately 3" .038" "Kevlar Thread— Has a breaking strength five times greater than steel wire. It also has excellent heat and flame resistance. Meets MIL-T-87128. Maximum temperature is 400° F. Color is yellow"
Under the Kevlar thread is 1 small 1 large stainless steel fishing hooks.
Over wrap is approximately 3' of 5/32" braided nylon that has zero stretch, very durable and made for the commercial fishing industry used as rigging line.
Butt end has a small pry/flat screwdriver.

I still have a few things to add to the sheath..fire starter, signal, pace and small compass via a SAR O'rig. We will be taking the kids camping this weekend and I plan to use the shit out of a few of these...tell ya how it goes next week.


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