Getting it on!

That's what 8 of us did with Matt Graham of http://www.grahamcombat.com/. I am not going to post much until I look at my notes, all the footage and pictures. I will say that Matt teaches a course that will let you leave with a new skill, skills and mind set that can be applied in all aspects of shooting/defense.

Quick little video of the last day, breaking contact from a vehicle in buddy teams with multiple threats....awesome stuff. Also some footage of shooting through the front windows...would I have done it had I not trained for it nope, but you can bet your ass if I have a threat to my front and no choice but to engage through the window...hey no problem now..I know the end results and consideration of what needs to happen. This and many other aspects of basic shooting, maneuvers and combat mindset taught by Matt set the condition for a great block of instruction....Thanks Matt

More to follow when I get home.

Break contact from vehicle video

Break contact buddy team

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