PBK for Halloween and the PBK-R ( Runt )

I decided to do a PBK with handle material, I had a choice between yellow and orange...the decision was easy Halloween=orange.

The pry tool detail with handle material worked out pretty good, still functions. Also did up the last of the prototypes, I am pretty happy with the way it performs so I will go forward with more.

CPM 154 HRc 59-60
All have a 3' wrap of Kevlar thread which is 5 times stronger than steel line
Zero stretch braided cord.

The "PBK-R" ( Runt ) will be a cool little back pocket blade, very sheeple friendly.
6" over all length with a pointy 2" blade

I will have some available next week if you may be interested let me know, I will try to keep the cord of the same color but it may changed.

Thanks and have a scary Halloween.....Please remember all those serving in the military to ensure our freedom!


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