A quick update

Just wanted to mention that everything other than a few items from the September gear sale is sold out. I will get some stuff up here today or tomorrow.  I have a faster way to manufacturer my Signal gear so expect a nice little price drop...if I can build it faster and maintain the same quality I can charge less..right.

We spent the weekend up at a state park called "Hodges Garden" Website, we rented a cabin which sits on the lake. The kids had a blast running around the woods, kayaking, and fishing. I was stalking some monster carp with a spear I fashioned from a bamboo grove. I was unable to get as close for a clean shot...next time I will do it just a bit different...these carp are over 3-4' long....huge fish. Anyways we had a good time, also had a chance to test my new knife the PBK ( pack and boat knife ) it does really well in almost all areas except chopping it's to be expected with this design...has to be some tradeoff for the light weight.


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