SAR Card for tough times...0% interest

I have had one of these in my wallet for the last year, it's great for all those times you walk out of the house and forget your blade but you always have your wallet right?...rare but it does happen. Great for opening boxes especially in a environment that frowns on knives like most work places. I use mine as a paint stencil to mark my gear, truck, roadsigns, my cat and police cars....LOL just kidding.

.040 6LA4V MIL-SPEC titanium
Right hand chisel grind on the front side bottom corner.
71 HRc (hardness rockwell scale C) tungsten carbidized re-enforced edge.
Lanyard hole cut-out.
Stonewash or Heat colored finish

Folks have asked me about the Ti/Carbide edge, the more you use it for letters, box's etc the softer titanium wears away and exposes the hard carbide. So it will get sharper with use, you can touch up on a flat diamond stone. To strop simply run it accross some hard wood to remove any burrs.

These will be $50.00 paypal and shipping included, drop me a email to sarglobaltool@gmail.com

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