SAR Global Knives and Gear sale 20SEP2010

I built more stuff than I ever expected to sell at Las Vegas, that's a good thing in my book. I will be involved in some training here near the house and up in Virginia next month, so product in stock and on hand during my travels is a great bonus. I will update and edit this thread to reflect whats really on hand daily, so what you see is what you get.

All prices include Pay pal fees, shipping and handling in the continental US.

For international buyers I add $5.00 and have been shipping first class overseas with no troubles, it takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks. If you would like something faster like International priority or express* ( *includes tracking number) I will have to add the service to your invoice which normally is $20.00 to $40.00.

How to order? just shoot me a email with your purchase information what you would like to buy and I will send you a detailed "quick-books" invoice. If you know your last 4 of your zip code it will help ship your purchase much faster so include it as well.

I have a little bit of everything I make in this ongoing sale.

SAR 1095 S/E (survive/escape) utility knife. SOLD

Knife Specs:
1095 with hamon .120x 5" drop point w/false edge 10" OAL
Desert Ironwood handle with red liners
Hand Rubbed finish 600 grit on bevel, flats where bead-blasted and stonewashed.

Sheath specs:
Felt lined kydex drop leg rig
1" MIL-SPEC nylon webbing, "Stealth" buckles, fasteners for rigging
SAR "Firewalker" device.
Fire steel handle is desert ironwood
pace keeper is kangaroo leather on a rawhide lace
Classic pocket compass by "Marbles" cutlery
Firewalker held in place by a SAR "O'rigging (rubber O rings)
Total weight for entire set-up is 10.1 oz's

CPMD2 S/E (survive/escape) $400.00
Knife specs:
CPM D2 .125x10" overall length with a 4" hollow ground blade w/false edge
Black textured carbon fiber
SAR no hassle stonewash finish

Sheath specs:
Black kydex sheath
1" MIL-SPEC nylon webbing, "Stealth" buckles, fasteners for rigging
SAR "Firewalker" device.
Fire steel handle is desert ironwood
pace keeper is nylon 550 type cord
SAR Micro Elite eclipse signal device in black G-10
Firewalker held in place by a SAR "O'rigging (rubber O rings)

Various SARclops small utility knife $200
CPMD2 HRc 61

1 1/8" ring with thin black para-cord wrap.
Black kydex sheath can be set up for Tec lock, MALICE clip and neck carry.
Great for inconspicuous carry.
Very secure in the hand.
Can be used in conjunction with a sidearm.
Here is a review back in 2007 by "Military Morons"

Also a youtube review by Mark Davies at "Tactical Edge"
Youtube SARclops

Black tanto sold

SLUG-D kirdashi knife in 6LA4V Titainum with carbidized re enforced edge HRc 71 $225.00
2 in Black texture carbon fiber
1 in Ranger green G10   SOLD

SAR Ti-combs large $100.00 small with lanyard $50.00
A great youtube review by Mark Davies from Tactical Edge
Youtube Comb

All the device's below have one purpose to make you be seen. Very simple "back to basics" stuff, no batteries required type gear built to withstand the harshest environments and conditions. Remember you cannot plan for disaster only prepare for it. Regardless if you are the high speed operator, SWAT, LEO, boy scout, fly-fishing, kayaking, diving etc a good signal mirror could be worth its weight in gold should you find yourself in a bad spot?

Current user's of SAR Eclipse signal system
Redmond Oregon Smoke-jumpers
Global security contractors
Military Personnel of all MOS types
Grand Canyon park service
Law enforcement
Cub, Boy and Eagle scouts
Tactical Tracking school
The list goes on and on close to 700 satisfied customers to date.

SAR Dog Tag Eclipse signal device Pat. pending $20.00 each. More in stock than whats pictured just inquire or tell me what you want or need. Day signal has been tested to 10 miles/Night reflective marker 250 meters

SAR Micro Eclipse Elite signal pendant $80.00
6LA4V MIL-SPEC Titanium
316 Stainless Steel Domed Or Flat washer
SOLAS reflector on back
Stainless steel bead chain and split ring finding included

Close up of above domed washer
Flat washer Tri-color

                                                                         Close up

Oringinal Stainless steel Micro w/knurled edges $40.00
Stainless steel bead chain and split ring

Different angle

G10 Micro Elites Domed and Flat washer $30.00
Stainless steel bead chain and split ring

Moon Glow sold out



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