It never slows down around here

Seriously, why does it always feel like I am "Mach 5 with my hair on fire" maybe I have the "winchester mystery house illness" you know how his wife always built something daily or she thought she would die.

Lots of moving parts lately, but I have to stop turn off the electronics and get busy. Loaded the folder tray with a batch of 1911 TDT and prototyping a new utility blade called the "PBK" but you can't see that shit yet..lol

I have been waiting on 15,000 dog tags to get here yep that's no typo 15K, probably get some kind of heavy metal poising after playing with that much steel.

The main reason to get things rolling in the shop is the spiders are taking over...found a few fat black widows a dead mouse who died from snorting carbon fiber or playing with the anodizer...lol

Talk at you guys later

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