Tags and Tatts

                                                                    112 pounds of tags...WTF!

I just received 3/4 of my full order of 15,000 dog tags, that translate into 5,000 SAR Eclipse signal systems. I patiently waiting for a few sets of modified dies that a friend has been working on this last month, this will speed the process up considerably. I have spent some time working on a press with a dual head cutters that cuts the stickers inside and outside diameter in one shot, which is light years ahead of my current method. All this will groundwork has been done to set the condition to crank these tags out fast. I will be pushing to finish the first 5,000 by November 1st, and ready for the next round.

I have came in contact David Reeder who has leaned forward in the foxhole and committed to helping me develop a small field manual for the "SESS". I could have done it myself but David is a writer for several Tactical blogs and H2 Harris publication and will be able to add a professional touch that I will certainly lack...thanks for the offer and the help David. This has proven to be a missing link in the quest to getting the tag recognized for what it is and what it can do.

For the last year this project has really been a ride so far I have learned so much from the development, testing, patent/trademark, methods of manufacturing, and marketing that I feel it has become a pivotable point in my knife and toolmaking career. It's been a lot of work, sacrifice, networking etc but if this device is credited with saving just one life it will all be extremely well worth it.

Last thing, I had a free Tattoo due from a buddy/artist at "Year of the Monkey" tattoo, I new what I wanted just had to think about it for some time and make sure it was the right thing. I have a large Compass tattooed on the left side of my chest, the compass has been in my family for as long as I can remember and it hold some special meaning to me. The Eclipse has that same effect for the reasons I listed above so it seemed a natural fit on the right side...That's one way to stand behind your work!


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