A Match Made In Vegas

After roughly 4.5 years in the trade as a custom knife/tool maker I finally have a dealer not just any dealer a great dealer "Plaza Cutlery" is like a "institution" in the knife world. Dan's father started it all back in 1948, and in 1974 his mother established the brick and mortar store that they still operate from to this day. In my book it does not get any better than that. I have a few reasons for wanting a dealer like Dan, the knife market is very, very demanding and can be quite unforgiving for the maker that does not know where he fits in the grand scheme of things. So I think I am getting the better end of the deal because of the education on the knife market I will receive from Plaza and Dan is priceless.

Dan purchased over 20 items from my table during the USN Gathering or a little of everything I make to ensure that he represented SAR Global tool as a whole. I received several calls from people some I knew and some I did not when my knives and gear where placed on the Plaza Cutlery site....let me tell you how motivational that is to not only hear it from others but to see it first hand tells me I am moving forward and up in the market.

So hey please check out Dans site and purchase with complete confidence as I consider Dan and his staff to be experts in their chosen profession and customer service is "Top Notch".

Plaza Cutlery look for the SAR button on the left of the page or check out all the other great stuff Plaza Has.


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