The USN Gathering in Las Vegas

I apologize for not updating the blog things got a bit busy before attending the 2010 "USN Gathering" in Las Vegas over the labor day weekend.

Having missed the Blade show in Atlanta due to a shop remodel and hand surgery I was really pumped up to have a good time and attempt to put some nice work on the table. I got started around the first week in July, working roughly everyday in the shop from sun up to sun down and it did pay off.

Micro Eclipses Pat. pending

Micro Elite Eclipses

I took a bunch of combs hands down they where my biggest selling item. They are being considered for production.

This knife was the first to go to a collector of SAR tools, 10:00 show opened 10:01 this knife was sold wish I would have built more.

With over 500 items built for the show...my table looked full up to the end. Folks really dug the set-up as well. It took on a Indiana Jones look.

After the show we took a day out to show the kids the Grand Canyon and had a great time.

Having had time to regroup I am ready to get back into the shop, I have some important dates coming up. SAR G.T. will be attending a few days of "Tactical Tracking school" with John Hurth of TYR' Group in the Kisatchie National forest. John was up for the weekend so we could meet and talk life, business etc, so the best way to do that was go shooting at a good buddies private range. That evening we had a small party with good friends, good food/drink and just a good time. Here is a link to Johns site, I am pretty excited to be going for a few days with plans of attending the full course. TYR Group Tracking school there will be more to follow on this subject for sure. Another friend has asked me to attend Tom Browns tracking school as well this winter?

Next up I am heading to Virginia to attend Matt Grahams combat shooting course, It will be fun for sure as my Patent/Trademark attorney will be present as well been looking forward to meeting these guys face to face. Here is a link to  Matt's site and a short vid that Mil spec monkey did. Web site  Graham Combat and the "Monkeys Vid" Shoot.

I have to get going and have some more stuff to talk about, like the awesome dealer I picked up at the show...a real classy act so please stay tuned and stay safe.

Last picture is my good friend Marianne Halpern from Halpern Titanium she keeps Spencer supplied with all the good stuff he needs to build the good stuff I build. Here is there webpage if you are intrested in any knifemaking supplies or getting some stuff waterjetted rock solid folks Halpern Ti


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