The Private Range

Having access to a private range on private property makes all the difference in my book. I got tired of going to the local range paying money and being subjected to the standard range bullshit...please no offense to anyone but I came to shoot not bullshit about my rifle or your rifle or the loads or the weather just want to concentrate on improving my capabilities.

The other thing is organized ranges are often static and I understand why they have to be that way...people do get shot from time to time and that's bad. We are still running a safe range but with only ourselves to worry about it translates into a learning experience vs just training in accuracy?

I have been going out for the last 2-3 months and getting some solid time behind my 2 weapon systems, things are really starting to click again. I recently acquired a ACOG RCO, not that anything was wrong with my Aimpoint comp M2 just wanted to zero and see what the ACOG had to offer. I found that I like it just a tad more than the comp, I also tried out the new ACOG reflex sight and found the thing was really nice.

Today my buddy called targets and shot pictures which I was able to review later to help identify some things I felt I was doing wrong and now that I could see it helps me in the long run fix those problems.

Anyways here are a few shots from today's range time, if you have any range shots feel free to post them up as well, I am always interested to see who, what , when, where and why when it comes to shooting.

Still have some edged tool and survival gear for sale in the next thread down so check it out and talk at you later


  1. Ahh as I sit here and look at your pics I realize were wearing the same headgear. I met with "John H." the other day. Was able to play with a SAR Eclipse dogtag....Very impressed! It's simple, reliable, compact, lightweight. Im considering a pendant as well. Hope to meet you early next month with John.

    BTW - good form in the shooting pics, keep those elbows down, both eyes open, scan your sector...

  2. Good hats are really hard to find brother and so are good friends like "John H". Talk about a fluke how we have come together, it will make you scratch your head.

    I look forward to meeting you and others at the course. Kinda bummed that I will only get to spend a few days with you guys, but I have a prior engagement up in Virginia with Matt Graham of www.grahamcombat.com. Not to mention a few business engagements with some three letter agencies to show and distribute some SAR Global tool gear. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and the compliments.

    See ya soon

  3. So right about the public ranges! AMEN!