We are on the RUN for Run Ranger Run 2016!

Run Ranger Run 2016 Inglourious Bastard.

So here we go again on a knife building journey, it my pleasure to help out for the third year in a row. Working with the awesome crew from Gallant Few Inc, really is a honor. Even a bigger honor to give back to the veteran community makes me sleep good at night.

So day one and "Murphy" showed up and I have a machine down and called the company and replacement parts are on the way.....shit happens. No biggie overcome and adapt and drive on right.

I decided to change up the Bastard design and spent a few hours on redesigned and it should be cool. I also plan to include a never seen design that will be a companion knife to the big bastard called a Kingfisher...they will go together like bread and butter. I will do my handle material selection tomorrow as I progress through the build. This year I don't have the luxury  of someone around to take photos so I moving around the tripod and catching static images.But we will get some good images. Also this year the box has already been built in beautiful pine by my father a former Marine and master carpenter. Also another former Marine and great friend will be laser engraving the lid its gonna be sweet.

Some photos from todays layout and forward motion.

Kingfisher companion

Setting the pattern to steel

Tonight the files get annealed (softened) and tomorrow another day so stay tuned.

If you are curious what all this is about check this link, find them on Facebook as well.

Run Ranger Run 2016



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