Ace of Blades SAR Hornet Collabaration T-shirt

Its on folks,

A collaboration shirt with SAR Global Tool to show off your love of the Hornet Knife and the SARclops. Spence Alan Reiter is a staple in the knife making world, providing top notch quality knives! The SAR Hornet shirt is available for pre-order through 7/31/2015!

Link to order shirt.


The SAR Hornet XL and the logo designed has been my best selling blade of all times. It was featured many times in Tactical Knives, Blade Magizine and other international publications.

                                                           SAR Hornet Recurve



The SARclops has also been a great selling blade know for it's ease of carry and excellent retention and very small platform. It also was featured in Blade Magazine and several self defense videos by top end Martial artist.When I designed the logo I wanted something special than just the SAR oval arrow logo. The backstory on the SARclops was named because the ring or "Single Eye". I did some research on the mythical Greek Cyclops and found a interesting story about who the where and what the did. They were blacksmiths that forged all the cool tools for the goods. The Trident for Neptune, and the lighting bolts for Zeus and other tools. The The three Lighting bolts above the single eye represent the three brother, the single lighting bolt in the eye represents the reflection of them watching Zeus throw a bolt a lighting fast strike just like the SARclops can deliver out of no where.



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