Top Shelf Photos of the 2015 Run Ranger Run knife


Last Friday during a filming of building a Inglorious Basterd my good friend Jason took some time to capture some great shots of the 2015 Run Ranger Run knife. I take pretty good photos but Jason blows me away and his equipment is top notch, I did no editing only framed them in the Black and Yellow.

I tried once again to get one of the knife mags to run a story, but to no avail so I will just post this up and look forward to next year.

The knife raised $37,404.00 dollars in 10 days, that's pretty incredible and I would personally like to thank all that supported RRR and the Inglorious Basterd project. Last year we raised $22,061.00 so that's quite a huge improvement in funds raised.

Look out because next year we are going to change it up a bit and I think you will be pleased as to what I have in mind to build......lets break the 40K mark.

Karl Monger, Candyss Bryant and Cory Smith as usual it was a pleasure to work with top notch professionals doing there best to help veterans.

If you are looking for a organization that is honest and true to the core then GallantFew, Inc is the place to go. For more information about Who, What , When, Where and Why then click this link and go have a look http://www.gallantfew.org/


 Thanks for looking

SA Reiter

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