"SAR Sushi Machines"

Finished these up yesterday, along with 30 other knives. Still have time to build more.

You have the SARdine, the swordfish and the squid, dino and the squid ore in 1095 and the swordfish is Chad Nichols "wild one" pattern.

Munukis are hand crafted from titanium, I understand what side the munukis are supposed to go on which is the show side or the friendly side. Well you said they are friendly sea creatures.

I would like to thank Alan Folts for his badass world class Ti chopsticks. Thank you very much Alan, I will be ordering some more bro. Link to Alans website Alan Folts Knives

The stix holder/slash plates one is bamboo and the other 2 are red palm wood.

The drop leg rigs are silky smooth felt lined, with scuba webbing nylon, good buckles and plates are on with the "SAR O'Rig" rubber o'ring system. The chopstix are slipped in between the backplate and sheath with the rudder o'ring providing pressure.

They are nice, long and sexy

Thanks gotta get back in and get to work