SAR MEe prototyping

I spent some time prototyping the next evolution of the Mirco eclipse which is the smallest of the SAR Eclipse signal device series.

Hope to have time to build a handfull for the show

I am in the process of refining the all steel version and switching to a 316L stainless steel. 316L ss is really great stuff highly corrosion resistant and it takes the best of the best polish ( a true glassy mirror ) and touch up by the end user is easy.

Worked on this project yesterday, I wanted to create a Micro that was both functional and intriguing to look at. By using the right materials to ensure it can withstand years and years of hard use and still come back looking great or even better over time was a huge consideration in this process. For me it needed to be consistent, easy to make and have as few steps as possible.

With that being said I took two different approaches and came up with about the same design. The first one was time consuming to design, intensive to build and would require making some jigs. The second design used the same materials but by adding something as simple as a kydex rivet eliminated many steps and more thing to go wrong for me and the end user. In my book any time you can do more with less and still achieve the results both functionally and in form you are a winner.

The first one is cool looking beyond a doubt but for the time it takes to make one with no fuck ups compared to the second one is night and day. So please do not ask me to build one unless you are willing to compensate me for my time....maybe at a later date when things settle down I may build a few...but for now the answer is no.

On with the specs and pictures

SAR MEe ( Micro Elite eclipse ) #1
.145x.828 6LA4V MIL-Spec Titanium
Domed sealing washer with mirror polish, I think these are 18-8 and I need to find them in 316 SS the difference in polish is night and day
3 1/72 button head screws for hold down and more looks than anything else.
.250 black oxide kydex rivet which helps keep the reflective tape from any type of movement and provides it some protection.
.500 SOLAS reflective disk...more than enough for good night time signal. I picked it up cleanly at 200 ft with my surefire g2 last night in the woods.
Orange peel texture with a bronzish anodization.

SAR MEe ( Micro Elite eclipse ) #2

.74x828 6LA4V MIL-S Titanium
Flat 316 L washer which took a awesome mirror polish
.250 black oxide kydex rivet for mirror and tape hold down.
.500 V92 reflexite tape in international orange. Strong signal out to 175 ft with surefire G2
Orange peel texture with blue anodization

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