POHL>)Force SAR Hornet XL FINAL edition going fast!!

 POHL>)Force /SAR Hornet XL the final addition. Here is the description from Pohl Force.

"The Hornet XL was our very FIRST knife; this is where the Pohl Force story began. The characteristic Spencer A. Reiter design matches perfectly with the significant name, well known within the knife world. The name for this knife may seem unusual as it was only later that we began to name our models after the NATO alphabet."

I am always humbled by the knowledge that Dietmar chose this design out 100's if not thousands of knife makers and design's he knew at the time. I swell with huge pride knowing that POHL Force is a rock solid and highly successful international knife company and continuing to expand.

When we started this project Dietmar promised a knife from every run we did almost every knife he sent is the serial number #001 and I also have the pre-production proto-type. Also laying there is the very first Hornet XL that I built. Currently I am waiting for both versions of the final edition and the set will be finished and maybe I can get some exposure for us in one of the top knife mags. I am however sad that the run is over but I can always hope and strive to work with my friend again.

 Dietmar is meticulous,  kind and a man of honor. To anyone that may get the opportunity to work with him I would tell you that it could possibly be the most enjoyable, hassle free and highly successful collaboration you could enter into.

So with that being said THIS IS THE LAST RUN. One of my buddies has received his Final Edition Hornet XL, I got to look at it yesterday. I know this is biases and you can take it for what it worth. I do know what quality looks like in a knife and he has gone above and beyond what you will might expect in a production knife at this price. From steel to zippered pouch no corners have been cut.

If you are here in the states you can follow this link directly to his POHL>)Force U.S.A. division which is the exclusive distributor for PF products. POHL>)Force U.S.A. division, In Europe go here POHL>)Force Europe division and HQ and his facebook page to follow his progress to the top! POHL>)Force Facebook feed

Here are some good reviews from the past that are pretty good. These are some of the previous editions that are no longer in production

POHL>)Force SAR Hornet XL




  1. I have had the pleasure of communicating with Dietmar, and some of the Pohl Force crew during my effort to secure myself a Hornet XL from the final run, and I can say it has been one of the easiest most enjoyable transactions i have completed in the knife world.

    I was further impressed upon receiving my Hornet in less than a week (coming from across the big pond), with the quality of the packaging and the knife itself. There is no way your Hornet will get damaged in the highly durable, taco style, padded case that each knife is delivered in.

    I chose to receive a knife in stone wash finish, but black was an option as well, and i'm sure just as beautiful and high quality as the stone wash.

    While some may choose to keep such a beautiful and unique knife as a collector item, i believe tools are meant to be used for their design. Especially one designed so expertly for it's job.

    What is this job? Again, view points will vary, but i believe most will agree this is an offensive style knife. Meant to be stored discreetly on your person, drawn and used quick and to the point (pun intended). However, with training i'm sure it could be just as useful as a defensive tool as well. It fact the "stinger" on the hilt of the knife would make an excellent less than lethal aspect of this knife. Catch an attacker in the sternum, head, knee or any other soft spot and it would do an excellent job of deterring any further assault from said attacker.

    There are some custom Hornet's out there that are custom designed and are the only one, or one of few that exist. I'm not saying these few custom knives should be carried on a daily basis. If you own one of those customs i would strongly suggest getting your hands on a production run version to incorporate into your daily carry. You obviously will have seen how strong of a design this is, and shouldn't need any further persuasion than that. But it only helps to know that dealing with Pohl Force will be an easy and enjoyable experience.

  2. Spencer:
    Always thought this was a great and beautiful design. Thx for the update. -Joseph

  3. How do I get my hands one of these fine blades anx an awesome looking tshirt ????