Momentary Dyas

For some unknown reason I have built these knives and they form what the Spartans call a Dyas (Duo). Although they were paired in conception they will follow two different yet parallel paths to Afghanistan!

So two post in one day I must be sick...ha ha

The recurve is already in the hands of a young 2LT scout platoon leader on his way to well you know where. He lives down the street and found out I build knives and asked me to build him one. I find no greater honor than doing exactly that.

This is based on the S/E (Survive/Escape) design minus the leg rig, signal device and firestarter.

CPMS30V  HRc 60-61
10" OAL 5" handle 5" hollow ground blade.
Hand finished coyote brown fine texture handle with steel fastners.
Kydex sheath x 2.


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