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He folks just wanted to pass on my other blog site that my partner Jason and I run called DUG (Discovered Under Ground). We both got bit by the treasure hunting bug and it has develop into a very rewarding hobby/pursuit. The friendship that has come from this is a strong one and I feel extremely lucky to have crossed paths with my treasure hunting partner.

D.U.G. (Discovered Under Ground) blog

The site features both "QuickDigs" which are short as it happened and full 10 minute plus episodes of some very unique and historical finds that we have come across in which we want to share the full story.

Texas Confederate officers cuff button from the civil war

 Possible treasure symbol from long ago I found at a old home site, it is quite large 6" wide x 18" tall "Hourglass" and could be a danger symbol for "WAR" or it means "One Day" according to a book on treasure signs and symbols from author and veteran metal detector and pioneer Charles Garrett.

At first we thought of finding coins and gold was the point in all this only to discover it was the post dig/find that really made us happy. Diving into research, talking with "Old Timers" and delivering a quality product for you to enjoy has brought more satisfaction they we imagine possible. We do not promote Relics for profit and have donated things back to places like musuems and local historical groups in which the objects are made available to a wider audience instead of a private collector.

1890 Mexican 8 Reale silver dollar

 A very nice example of a 1903 Liberty AKA Barber dime minted in New Orleans, its amazing that this dime has been in the ground for so long and still look so good.

So please take the time to look at the Team DUG blog site, subscribe to it and the YouTube site and you will always know when a new episode comes out. We are working on the next one now that will feature a "Sterling Silver" Baseball from 1944 found at a 1890's "Dog Trot" cabin/homestead. It will be a good show for sure so please stay tuned and help us spread the word as we try to promote "Good" quality, informative entertainment. We also want to be good stewards of proper metal detecting "Ethics" to ensure we and future generation can enjoy the thrill, excitement and adventure in Treasure hunting

D.U.G. (Discovered Under Ground) blog

Recently I had a chance to speak at my daughters and sons school, in which I put on a short presentation about treasure hunting, history and practicing good ethics while enjoying the hobby. I would have to say that it was a great experience for both the teachers, student and myself. I really believe it will only get better

Thanks in advance for any feedback and we look forward to hearing from you on any question, or possibly bringing Team DUG to you for a episode. My new motto is Patience, Persistent and be Optimistic!

Spencer Alan Reiter

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  1. I have 1844 Mexican Dime..I would love to know any information on them. Thank you.