Small Update 13JUL2011

Most of last week was spent working through a small Covert/Last ditch knife concept for Karl at OscarDelta SPD OscarDelta SPD. I made about 5 different designs, some will never see the light of day...lol.

This little knife is almost 1" tall and 5" long with about a 2 1/4" blade, I have not revealed all that is going on with this design until I have the time to work out some minor details. Also there is possibly some "trademark" work I will have to do to protect some of the design features. These should be available soon.

At the moment I am working through some 1911 TDT orders which was featured in "Tactical Knives" magazine September issue.

Here is a 59 second video I did last year showing the knife in operations.

It is pretty much Africa hot here, feels a lot like this video

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