Pack and Paddle knife ( PBK's )

I had some back orders to finish, one is going to my cousin Travis (thanks for waiting). I decided to do a very stabby "Warncliff" and add some more gear under the wrap. The knife in the last picture is available and the post below with the new design "Odd-Job" as well...get some.

Pack and Boat knife (PBK)
.125"x7.5" OAL with a 3.5" blade
HRc 59-60 on the cpm 154
Low viz, low maintenance SAR tumble finish
Handle is drilled out balance point is dead center
Handle wrap has 4 layers
10' "Power Pro braided line breaking strength of 20 pound test with a 8 pound test diameter.
3' Of G.I. issue military tripwire 24 gauge non reflective good for snares
3' of kevlar (.038) Kevlar Thread— Has a breaking strength five times greater than steel wire. It also has excellent heat and flame resistance. Meets MIL-T-87128. Maximum temperature is 400° F. Color is yellow"
Over wrap is approximately 3' of 5/32" of "MSR" reflective guy line cord. Stuff is really bright when you shine light on it even from a great distance.
Under the wraps you will find 3 eagle claw gold hooks in size's 10, 2, 1/0 with a small strand of red yarn hand tied.
2 small split shot for weight.
Butt end has a small pry/flat screwdriver
Sheath has signal qualities.



Order info
Send me a email at spencer@sarglobaltool.com or sarglobaltool@gmail.com let me know what you may want, I always send a detailed quickbooks invoice for payment.
All items include PP, Shipping and Handling.
All items ship First class parcel ( if you want it faster let me know )
All items usually ship with-in 24 hours
All items shipped overseas will require a little extra to get it there.
I do accept Pay Pal, Postal MO and personal checks. Item will ship when funds are received

PBK-W $160.00 shipped

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