SAR Micro Eclipse Elite's For Sale

This device is the epitome of my motto "A New Breed of Tools Built for Adventure"

Over the last few days I have worked through the kinks on building the first run of the "SAR MEE". The results are if I dare on the sophisticated side. First off if looked at as jewelry they have a nice quality of weight, originality in look, and a exceptional finish. In functionality they work very well as both a day and night signal device. If you where in a bad spot and this was all you had, it could make the difference?

Corbe and I have worn ours for 2 weeks straight. I personally have worn mine in the shop, swimming, running, showering, etc and I have had no issues with any components. Over time the black on the rivet will wear away at the contact points to revel a polished brass that in itself will look cool.

Hefty .120x.853 6LA4V MIL-spec titanium with orange peeled, anodized and machined bevels provide the intriguing base/carrier that will last forever in any environment

There are 2 hand polished washers ( 5/8" Domed and Flat ) involved. They are from 316 stainless steel which possess great if not the best polish and corrosion resistant qualities. Very easy for the end user to re-polish and touch up.

All have USCG approved SOLAS tape ( Safety Of Life At Sea ) which is the most durable longest lasting reflective tape on the current market. Tested at night with a surefire G2 I can see out to approx. 150+ meters.

The stainless steel split ring and stainless steel bead chain complete the the package.

SAR Micro Eclipse Elite Titanium $80.00 paypal, shipping and handling included
6LA4V MIL-SPEC titanium .120x.853 +/-
.625 316 stainless steel domed or flat washer
.625 SOLAS tape sticker
.250 brass black oxide coated rivet
.250 stainless steel split ring
Standard stainless steel dog tag chain.

Domed Number 4 SOLD

Flat Number 1,2 sold

SAR Micro Eclipse Elite G10 $40.00 paypal, shipping and handling included

Textured G10 .125x.853 +/-
.625 316 stainless steel domed or flat washer
.625 SOLAS tape
.250 brass black coated rivet
.250 stainless steel spilt ring
Standard stainless steel dog tag chain

G10 version Moonglow SOLD, Blue SOLD

Back view, split ring, standard stainless steel bead chain and in limited quantities black coated stainless bead chain.

If you order please give me the number and domed or flat, please specify standard or black chain and your contact info. I will send you a invoice for payment. You can email me at spencer@sarglobaltool.com


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  1. so the hexagons are what reflects light not the dome?