SAR Global Gear For Sale 22JUL10

This is my gear or "Tool" side of the house or non-knife type objects that I custom make in my shop.

The SAR Eclipse Signal System has proven to be a winner. The tri-angle and SS Dog tag have been effectively tested and used by Private Security Contractors in South Africa and other areas of operation around the world. The farthest signal thus far has been 15 Kilometers or 9 miles. The Tri-Angle and SS Dog tag are in use by the Redmond Oregon Smoke-Jumper Hotshot crews during wild land fire fighting for directing both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft delivering fire retardant, supplies and crew evacuation. This is currently ongoing in wild land fire operations around the entire United States. It is also implemented in gear selection by Master rated divers, Instructors and guides in the Florida Keys diving area.

For the Tri-angle mirror I am currently using 6LA4V Military Spec Titanium, that has a like mirror polish very effective and very light and will not rust in saltwater environments making it a good choice if you will be around saltwater.

The cover is constructed with high visibility "blaze" orange or low key black coarse textured G-10 which is a high impact glass/resin based material. It is resistant to all foreign materials.

The Dog tag version is constructed from 2 USGS Identification tags which are made from high grade stainless steel and very high resistance's to rusting. The mirror tag portion is also almost like mirror polish and very effective.

The Rivit that holds the devices together is a black coated brass and will not rust and I have had no problems with terminal failure when used properly.

The reflective tape applied to these signal device's for night recognition is the best stuff on the current market period.

The White with the honey-comb grid is called SOLAS "Safety Of Life At Sea". USGS approved and rated at 900 candle power reflect ability for night time operations.It also has DAYBRIGHT capabilities.

The Green and Orange with a honey-comb grid is HIGH INTENSITY TYPE III tape. Rated at 250 candle power reflect ability for night time operations also has DAYBRIGHT capabilities.

These devices make great pull tabs on jackets, backpacks and used as a key chain is nice when you misplace your keys. A great tool or gift for anyone that ventures into the Outdoors.

Order info

All items include PP, Shipping and Handling.
All items ship First class parcel ( if you want it faster let me know )
All items usually ship with-in 24 hours
All items shipped overseas will require a little extra to get it there.
All items in this thread are wrapped in a brown paper bag and shipped in a bubble wrapped lined envelope.
I do accept postal MO and personal checks. Item will ship when funds are received

My Paypal is sc65surf@aol.com

SAR Eclipse Signal Series currently For Sale

SAR Triangle eclipse orange or black textured G10 cover with reflective color of your choice with 6LA4V ti bottom plate buffed to near mirror polish ( there will be a small amount or scratches but it does not reduce its effectiveness at all ) Backside is stonewashed

$60.00 each



SAR SS Eclipse ( USGS stainless steel identification tag ) stonewash finish

$25.00 each

Front cover for night signal color of your choice


SAR Reflective Pull tabs made from coarse textured gray G-10 1/4" thick 7/8+ in dia. Standard is one side SOLAS one side color of your choice green or orange $10.00 each


Back side

Below is a series of Hair combs I have been making for the last year. They work very well on the hair, beard and moustache. They also can be employed in a defensive manner. The 3/4" tines are very rugged, stiff and pointy but not sharp. I have flown with my comb and cruise through all security checkpoints so far.

I recently sent all three large combs to a friend that is a world class combatives/martial artist in Scotland. He will be testing and providing some video soon.

SAR Defensive Titanium combs currently for sale

SAR Tac-Ti comb w/pocket clip 1"x4" 6LA4V MIL S. $100.00
SAR Beardy comb w/lanyard 1.5"x3.5" 6LA4V MIL S. $50.00

SAR Dead Ringer comb W/kydex sheath 1.7"x5.8" 1 1/4" hole 6LA4V Mil S. $100.00
SAR Hornet DF comb w/kydex sheath 1.3"x5.8" 6LA4V MIL S. $100.00


  1. I really didnt apreciate the SAR comb until I held it in my hand, this is an awesome tool/weapon for those times you can not carry a traditional knife. Its very discreet and extremely effective.

  2. When I first saw the SAR Comb I really didnt apreciate it. When I held it in my hand, and drew it across a 3/4" piece of plywood and saw the gouge that it left, I realized this is a great tool/weapon for those times you can not carry a traditional knife and have to be a little more discreet.

  3. Very discreet effective weapon for those times when you cant carry a traditional knife. I was sold on it when I applied to a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and saw the gouge it left...with out damaging the comb in any way....Bad ASS

  4. Hey there ,just sent money for an order, have you received it. Let me know thanks.

  5. Hello, just curious, did u receive my order request, and money I sent to your PayPal account ?? If u are not still in business let me know, thanks.

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  7. I was wanting to purchase the SAR Dogtag mirror and cutting tool set. It seems it had about 4 tags on it though, saw it on ITS Tactical. Let me know if still making these and etc. fdajcar@hotmail.com