New work in progress

Yesterday I got started on a order that is special to me for a close friend of 20+ years John. He ordered a knife for his son Paris who happens to be a squared away 12 year old.

After discussing some options and what he might use it for we settled on one of my mainstay models the CPMD2 DP except I made his a CPMD2 DPM the "M" stands for Modified. The CPMD2 stands for "Crucible Particle Metallurgy" it is some of the hardest and best edge holding steel on the market today, not quite a stainless steel but it does have a degree of rust Resistance built in ( I prefer my personal knives to made in this steel ).

The handle will be coarse texture black carbon fiber which is top shelf, tough and very good looking material. I will also be building a fire starter and integrating it into the sheath. Paris is a member of a wilderness group in the San Francisco area and they get cut loose to go adventure in the vast coastal wood of the west coast.

I wish I could be there to see his reaction when he gets his knife which I know he will treasure for life. With his first real knife being a custom makes me feel good in that a future knife connesuir is born, which in turn will keep the whole cycle alive.

More to follow later, the knife or knives are in the oven getting there second temper and will be ready to grind out later this morning.

Its the knife just below the to large SAR kukri's I am also working.

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